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We all know that guys are totally into texts as it enables them to do less work and communicate less with women. If they are dating multiple girls texting is a convenient way to contact all of them while keeping them at a commitment distance. So, when a guy stops texting you or takes hours to respond to your texts, it doesn’t look good. Our cell phones are literally glued to our hands so if he is taking hours to respond to your texts and you aren’t even communicating over other medias it should not be ignored. You’re being blown off and down managed by this guy.

Another sign of blow off is when you sometimes get responses and sometimes don’t. When you do manage to get him talking, you’ll text back and forth and then he will just fade out of the conversation and go silent. If you are always the last one talking on text, he doesn’t really give a damn about talking to you for any length of time, much less saying bye.

Don’t enable his lazy communication

Guys always like to text because of the simple fact that they don’t have to talk to you. How do you like that? You’ve got a guy who literally doesn’t feel like talking to you. Enabling lazy communications by texting him all the time to the point that he doesn’t even have to text you or call you is totally dumb. If you text him all the time he is going to think you are needy and he will never initiate contact with you. Don’t train him that he doesn’t have to lift a finger to have you in his life. If he can’t lift a finger, don’t bother to be in his life, no matter how much you like him.

The too busy excuse only works when he is actually too busy

It is true that guys are one track minded and that he could just blow off or bail on a conversation or simple not respond because he is busy with work or does not have the phone near him. He does not want to get sucked in. It is a valid excuse sometimes. He might be focused on something else so obviously he isen’t going to be texting you. Girls tend to stop what they are doing to text a guy they dig but guys have one track minds and if they are preoccupied they may not respond. Thats his excuse ok but this can’t be happening every single time you text him.

If he is blowing off like this every time you text him or 9/10 times you text him he is not busy. He does not want to talk to you! Don’t buy his busy excsuses and oh the phone is not near him excuses. Guys are pinned to their phones and if they are into you then you will get an almost immediate response to your text messages most if not all of the time. And if he is busy he’d probably text you as much and then text you or call you later. Don’t make excuses for him.

Don’t be one of those girls that texts once and then expects him to text you for hours. If you tend to talk his ear off on text he may be reluctant to text back thinking if I respond she will proceed to chew my ear off with twenty texts and I don’t have the time to deal with this. If you chew his ear off he might actually have a valid reason for ignoring you. So, don’t expect someone to text you all day long just because you are in the mood. It isen’t fair and it isen’t respectful of his time or day so don’t give him an excuse not to text you or respond to you. Don’t be a chatty cathy.

The real reason he doesn’t respond, fades out of conversations, and has a slow response time to your texts

The real reason he is not responding is because he is not that into you, your constant texting comes off as needy, and he is seeing another girl or communicating with other girls and not just you.

If you are dating a guy and you have not had conversations about being exclusive then you are not exclusive. That means, your existence is being diluted by all of the other women he is communicating with. That being the case, why would he communicate all the time with you. If he is chatting with 5 women then assume you will get 1/5 of this guys attention.

If you dare call out a guy on his lazy response time he will defend it even though he is perfectly aware he is being a jerk and doesn’t care. If he is not that into you and busy with other things and people he will just put you into the take it or leave it category. If you get frustrated and start drilling him on the details like why don’t you call me, why does it take to long for you to respond to a text, where were you, he is going to get totally ewwed out. You’re going to thing you are showing a backbone but he won’t respect it, he’ll just think you are being grossly needy and back off even more.

When you send needy texts because the guy is being a jerk

Granted the guy is being a jerk (actually not so much a jerk he is just a guy not very into you and hopes you’ll get the message) but your needy texts will only make matters worse. Neediness in women almost always stems out of the fact that the guy is treating them lousy, however guys don’t give a darn. They don’t like needy women even if they cause the neediness. You might as well spray repellent on him. Neediness will repel him not attract him.

Be a challenge instead

Any guy that is really going to like you needs you to be a challenge. Don’t put up with his lousy lazy behavior no matter how hot he is, how many women he has, and how addicted to him you are. If he is being lazy then you should hit his as- out of the ball park and go dead silent yourself. Granted you’ll probably never see him again but at least you aren’t throwing yourself at his feet while he chases elsewhere.

Don’t be a doormat

Don’t let him leave you hanging. Don’t even bother to contact him much less make plans with him anymore. If a guy is treating you like a doormat by making last minute plans and cancelling out on plans with you, don’t put up with it. Start to become only selectively available even if it means never seeing his rude existence again. Basically you can’t act like a doormat. He won’t value you at all. The only woman he is going to value is one that he has to work for, one that demands good behavior from him, and one that is only accommodating to him as much as he is to you.

If you already have set a bad behavior enabling pattern and let him walk all over you there may be no way to recover from your judgement lapse. Still though, you can do an about face and suddenly demand good behavior. He can take it as a wake up call or call your bluff and continue to doormat you. If you do this you need to be prepared to never see this guy again because getting him to act right after he already learned he doesn’t need to with you is like moving heaven and earth. Still, put him in his place and try it anyways. You have nothing to lose since he is already not treating you right.

He will get away with whatever you let him get away with

A guy that treats you like a door mat is going to rear up when he is available for plans only. He’ll text you a few times but if a convenient hookup doesn’t happen quickly he will fade away and go off and make other plans for himself.

The way to combat his texting you for an objective (like a hookup) and vanishing out of the conversation if you don’t jump, is to make plans when you feel like it and don’t when you don’t feel like it. In other words, start giving a sh-t about yourself, not him. If he leaves you hanging one time, don’t make plans with him again. Force him to execute good behavior because the more he has to get off his arse for you the more he has invested in you. Make him work for it or let him go elsewhere. If he does seem to make an effort then reward that behavior.

Always be a challenge to the guy you are dating. If he stops texting blow him off and hard. Give him a hardcore, clear and concise picture that you are going for other options and have a life. Even if you don’t have a life you should fake it until you make it. Treat him like you do. Dragging him down with needy texts is going to make him go away. Showing him the cold shoulder when he makes no effort is a challenge and it demonstrates that you can take care of yourself.

If your guy doesn’t learn to make an effort once you stop needy texting and compensating for him by initiating contact, leave. Don’t continue to be frustrated by it otherwise you will just end up venting it out to him and scaring him away anyways. Why should you give a damn about a guy who won’t press a send key for you much less type something with his fingers or god forbid call you. Sc-ew that. Even if you have to accept that he just doesn’t like you or that he is out of your league so be it. Even if you have to sit home and rot for months until another dating opportunity comes around, its worth it to set him straight and radically reject his lazy blow off behavior. If he does like you, he’ll straighten up his act to meet your challenge.

Remember, you don’t have to mean about it, just be unavailable to a guy that treats you like a doormat. It doesn’t require any discussion on your part.


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