Harassment of your Ex Spouse by Text

Judge, she sent me 400 texts harrassing me in a week and I have a job to keep to take care of my children. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you that your harassing texts might backfire).

Have you ever called an (now) ex repeatedly to express your dismay regarding some vile maneuver that they took?  The sad thing of the situation is that while your ex may have done something aggregious indeed, you actually become the one getting into trouble for harassing them about it.

I recently read an article about how Jesse James’ e ex wife got arrested for harassing him.  From what I understood of it, she had been warned by the Judge not to harass her ex earlier this year.  Then, she proceeded to call him more than 25 times within a span of a few days and that was enough for the police to get a harassment warrant.  Jesse James as you recall, was also married to movie actress Sandra Bullock.  He had well published affais on Bullock who divorced him over the infidelity.

I don’t personally know the details of the Janine Lundemulder story, but suffice it to say from Jesse’s philandering and women (he was also engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D) he can probly help drive a lady into some bad behavior.  Granted, the form of harassment here was cell phone calls, but text harassment is not much different.

If you suffered from cheating, infidelity, or a nasty breakup, you might be so upset about it that you become at risk for harrassing your ex.  If you express displeasure with dozens of hostile upset text messages, be forewarned.  You cell phone bill along with a transcribed document filled with your harrassing texts might soon appear in a court document.

The most likely document is either divorce papers, child custody papers, or restraining orders.  Sometimes you get in a massive fight with your significant other.  You might not realize that your relationship is slipping quickly towards the end.  I’m writing this just so you think twice before you start hassling or threatening your boyfriend or girlfriend.

When you are in the throes of a breakup you tend to give little thought to your behavior, but you should. Texts can and will be used against you.  So, don’t threaten or harrass a partner via text or other means.  You’ll present yourself poorly and as lacking good judgement.  Texting incessantly can look like harassment, smell like harassment, and be harassment. Think twice before you press send.


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