Have you been dumped by text message? Listen to these classic breakup texts!

Has your boyfriend dumped you via a text message?  Trust me you are not alone.  A recent article in Glamour magazine gave some superbly ridiculous break up texts sent in by their readers.  Here, a relay of some of the best texts.  These ones are straight from the pages of Glamour and were sent in by the readers of the magazine.  These men are definitely behaving badly on text message.  Keep reading below for some additional thoughts on what all of these text breakups seem to have in common.

Your career has changed you and you weren’t all that good to being with.

Sorry I’ve been out of touch.  I met someone else.

Babe, welcome to dumpsville population you.

You’d be nothing without your hair.

Don’t ever wear glasses around me.

I’m like an iPod shuffle, and I’m moving on to the next song, “I’m Riding Solo”.

I was hoping you would do the sex with me.  So I can practice.  I’d just like to get the fumbling out of the way.

I think we should stop dating.  I got my ex pregnant, and I should figure this out before I start another relationship.

I don’t understand why you don’t like me.  I’m really an attractive guy.

How long do we have to go back and forth before I get inside you?

Actually forget it.  Goin out with a model now.  As in, hotter than u.  Ciao.

Well, that was a funny read from Glamour magazine. The thing is, that these texts have some very simple things in common. First of all, most reflect that the boyfriend breaking up is likely hurt.  He is responding by breaking up with a little bit of spite and pity thrown in. In many cases, there is already another woman waiting in the wings. As explained in books like “The Manual” about how certain men are players, men don’t like to wind up without someone.  They generally despise dry spells.  In many cases they are searching for an exit girl even prior to the breakup.  Once they have that backup plan in place, they lower the breakup boom with little emotional consequence.

Another commonality is that these men seem somewhat hurt by the breakup but are taking a jab at the girl they are dumping. It’s high level game playing and men do it all the time. While women tip-toe around keeping negative thoughts pent up, men will hit it out of the part all the way and speak the truth if pushed that far.  They might take a jab at your age, your body, your fashion, friends, family, career, height, body parts, or your personality. They’ll dump you and take a jab at you while throwing in a dose of pity. It’s often a defensive response to them being hurt by the demise of the relationship believe it or not. Men tend to get angry first then hurt much later on. Their conscience takes a long time to catch up to their ego.

If you get dumped by text message it’s likely that your relationship was in a state of crumble prior to that point. In these examples, the men might have gotten hurt then slowly plotted their revenge. They executed payback in the form of a dumping by text with insults sprinkled in. And, they lined up another woman in the wings to make it all that much easier. While these messages make the men look like total cads, all of what happened prior is omitted. You can bet that the women they are dumping hurt them and this is their way of getting even.

The moral is to be careful and tactful in the way you treat your man because if you disrespect him you might just get poor treatment back in spades. This is especially true if you’re dating a bad boy. Bad boys are well bad boys.  If you cross them, they will have no problem moving on while being sure to let you know that you are nothing special, and easily replaced.  You might get to the point of having had enough of these type of players. Whatever happened to the honest phone call and disclosure that it’s just not working out?  He’s definitely out there but you may need to weed through some players on the scenic route to the right man who treats you like like deserve to be treated.


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4 Responses to Have you been dumped by text message? Listen to these classic breakup texts!

  1. Kate says:

    I agree that there appears to be underlying hurt in the men’s texts, but I think you have to be careful when blaming the woman for the man’s bad choices or bad character. It’s possible that some of these women did not disrepect or treat their boyfriends badly. Some of those texts don’t give me that impression. Also, men and women alike are going to hurt each other in relationships, and it may not always be intentional. If these men were hurt by their girlfriends, they needed to convey that in a mature, face-to-face talk. Some of these women may not have realized just how bothered their boyfriends were. I had a friend receive a text like one above, but that was literally the first time her boyfriend ever conveyed to her that he was upset. Even if the women had caused the men a lot of pain and they knew it, we can’t excuse bad text behavior for another person’s mistakes. Adult, long-term relationships just aren’t handled that way.

  2. Kate says:

    I agree that there appears to be underlying hurt in the men’s texts. Some but not all of the texts is what I meant to type.

    • Jim says:

      They aren’t but more are geared twoard women than men, because men show less of an interest in reading such.If you would like dating advice on a specific topic, I can probably find an article or few for you or put your search engine to work. ☺

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