He doesn’t text back because he doesn’t treat you like a priority

Here are a few pointers that women can take note of about men that do not treat you like a priority.  Women tend to overlook these signs and the way they are being treated because they really like the man and think he makes a good boyfriend.  With these rose-colored glasses on, women can get bamboozled into dealing with men who really are not that into them.  This in turn starts a vicious cycle where the woman obsesses about the man and he meanwhile has other things going on including other dates/women.

It’s good to take note of his behaviors rather than just your wishes that he be the one for you.  If he is only scheduling plans with you at the last-minute, or goes totally off the radar when he is busy, it is a pretty bad sign.  If you really have boyfriend material, he is going to want to make you feel important.  He isn’t going to ignore your texts and act like someone who only wants to be around you when he has not other plans or is just frisky.

A man who ignores you and second class citizen’s you really does not have your back in this life.  If he teases you, tells you that you aren’t good enough, criticizes your appearance, or suggests that he has plenty of other options if you don’t tolerate his poor treatment, it is a very bad sign.  You want a boyfriend who brings you up in the life and makes you feel really good about yourself. Someone who tears you down to make his own self feel better is not going to make you feel better at all!  Ask yourself if this person you are dating really has you back, or if you are hanging out in the wind by yourself.

Sometimes men who view you as an option are not as generous in bed.  They do the minimal work. But this is not always the case.  Players love to please and they may be very good from an intimate standpoint to get you hooked in and like putty in their hands.  It is outside of intimacy that you need to look at.  Does he ask you about your life, spend time with you doing mundane things, and genuinely enjoy your company?  Ask yourself how often you get some air and get out and about with this man and you will have your answer.

If a man acts wily about any sort of commitment take note.  Of course it takes a while for you to get to know one another but generally speaking if it’s on for a man, it’s on.  He won’t shy away from commitment and taking certain steps to show you that you are a priority.  An example would be that he takes his profile down from dating web sites for you.  Another example is that he introduces you to people he knows instead of hiding you in the broom closet.  If he hems and haws for time, he may just not be that serious about you.  When a man meets a woman who he is into, he makes time for her.

If a man is still actively dating, seeing, meeting and pursuing other women, take note.  If you see him flirting with people even right in front of you he is sending you a clear message that you are headed down a friends with benefits road with him not a relationship road with him. Always know what road you are on with him because women have a way of being a friends with benefits while meanwhile dreaming on that they are in a relationship.  If he likes you, he is not going to be actively picking up other women.

Does he ignore your texts while Friday and Saturday nights tick on by?  If you have been seeing him for more than a month or two and you still can’t be part of his Friday or Saturday night you have serious issues.  Men who only want to hook up will be very flaky on text message. They will only communicate by text message. They do this for a reason, so that you can understand their parameters without them having to tell you that you are a casual relationship girl.  If you have never met his friends and can’t work your way into some weekend time with him after a couple of months, he really does not want you to be part of his life. 

If you spend most of the time at your place or his but never going out and doing anything, it is a sign of booty girl and no more.  If he only goes to your place and you have never seen where he lives at, it is even worse.  Allow it to go on and you will be an option not a priority.  Opt out and you will see him either step up his efforts or fizzle away now that you are not so easy.  It’s a tough truth to face but guys who want to be your boyfriend do more with you than just hang out at your place when they happen to be in the neighborhood.

 When he is not texting you, there are usually a whole lot of other things that he is not doing either.  Not texting is usually indicative of a man who is dating other women, is not very serious about you, and who is sending you a clear message that you can’t depend on him.  So take his silent treatment seriously.  If you look at how he acts overall rather than focus on your dream relationship and how he could plug into that, you will see reality not your delusions.  However he is acting, is how into you he is.  If he can’t return a text for a week well you really have your answer.  Granted some men are very independent and they test women because they don’t want to be saddled with a nosy or needy girl.  But if they like you, they will definitely keep in touch and do fun things with you. 

Some women get into very casual hookup relationships and because they want this person to become a boyfriend so bad they put up with it and pretzel around the situation making excuses for him.  The sad thing is that men will take advantage of you during this time period but when you wake up and smell the music they will slither away into the sunset.  It’s awesome to have your eyes wide open and to look at how he acts not the fantasy relationship you imagine in your head.  Being based in reality helps you gauge how much effort and devotion you should put into a man who doesn’t text you much less treat you like a priority. 

Men are lazy and will get away with what they can, so if you condone being treated like a second class citizen then that is how you will get treated.  Another point to make is that men date down. They will date a variety of women but only make a special few as girlfriend.  You might be just variety, hoping to become the girlfriend just because he gives you time of day. Don’t count on it.  Never rely on hope when it comes to men. Rely on reality and reality is how they treat you and whether they treat you as a priority, make time for you, care about you, and have your back.  A man who likes you actually cares about keeping plans with you.  Sure he may be busy at work but in due time, he texts back and keeps communication ping-pong back and forth.  A man who likes you doesn’t leave the premises and leave you doing all the work to chase him down. 

Next time you ask the question of why he doesn’t text you, initiate texts with you, or text your back very fast or at all, look at the big picture. Is this a man who is really into you? Men who don’t text back are usually men who are not into you enough to even make you a priority.  If he is treating you like some sort of afterthought, that is exactly what you are until you draw the line and demand better treatment or walk away.  You should get your answer pretty easy as soon as you take the rose-colored glasses off.  Not texting is usually part of a much bigger problem that this man has zero interest in being in a relationship with you. Zero.  His being willing to fool around on occasion on his terms is nothing and means nothing.  Focus on how he treats you in general rather than on what you hope to have happen. 

One last point is that women tell themselves over and over well he liked me and treated me well in the beginning.  Months into it with him backing away and blowing her off, she is riveted on the fact that he was attentive at first.  This is a big, big mistake.  How he was at first when he was on his first behavior and trying to get intimate with you is irrelevant. Look at how he treats you now instead.  This will give you a much better picture of the relationship, if there even is a relationship here at all.  Usually in relationships, men get back to you.  They don’t blow you off.

Signs he doesn’t treat you like a priority


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