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I get girls writing in asking why does he only text me. Trust me when I say that if he only texts you it is not a good sign. The logical excuse we ladies give for him only texting is that texting has become the social norm. But ladies before you start rationalizing his behavior as acceptable you should understand the very big difference between texting, and only texting. Texting is ok, only texting is not ok.

A man might text you because it is an easier way for him to talk. This would be the case if he is with his children and doesn’t want them heard talking and playing in the background, or if he is at work or in a noisy location. If it is more convenient to text due to surrounding circumstances then it is understandable.

Another reason he might text you is that he just wants to chat for a bit and touch base because he’s thinking of you, yet he really does not have time for a long conversation. If he intersperses text messaging with actual phone calls and dates, this type is texting is fine and may even be a good thing because you know that you are on his mind for him to have texted your number.

Texting in conjunction with other forms of actual conversations from phone calls, to dates, to just getting together for something other than a romantic encounter, sounds fine. But if he only texts you, if that is really his only way of communicating with you, it is a very bad sign for your relationship.

Only texting is the hallmark sign of non relationships including purely physiucal relationships, fizzling relationships, and failed relationships. Usually, if he only texts, there is something going on in the state of Denmark so to speak and its not good. If he only texts and the dates are mainly oriented towards being physical rather than doing activities together be forewarned that you aren’t his girlfriend but rather romantically involved and that is all. Purely physical relationships are notorious for being conducted via only text message.

There is only so much texting you can do with a person before you actually would need to call and talk to the person to relate to them and get to know them better. If he only texts and you want him to call you then just ask him to call. He may be clueless that his texting only behavior is bothering you. You can also drop a hint indirectly by responding vacuously or not at all to his texts. Just make yourself unavailable on text.

Chances are good that if he only texts then he only wants to know you on a superficial level and does not want to get to know you better. Chances are, he is doing it on purpose and knows exactly what he is doing which is keeping you at arms length.

If he only texts you trust me that red flags are flying high that his interest level in you is not where it should be. Don’t be intimate with a man who only texts you as you will be setting yourself up for being a fallback call that is used and abused by him.

If you want an actual relationship with someone then only texting is not going to cut it. Expect a stepped up method of communication and not just texting. If you don’t get it leave him sooner rather than later to avoid poor treatment by a man. Trust me that many women have to learn this lesson the hard way.

One last pointer on men that only text is that you might actually be the one enabling him to do this. If you are getting only texts its time to shake the communication rug and see if he’ll communicate another way. Many times you’ll get a guy only texting you because you allow it by texting him.

Once you let a man only text you to say hi, only text you to plan a date, only text you to set up a meeting, and only text you to get intimate, it’s over. Always remember that you are the one in control and if this is going on then you might be the one enabling the pattern of his only texting.

My advice on how to deal with a man that is only texting after discovering that you can’t get him to step up communication on other channels than text message? Stop dating him. I don’t care if he looks like Brad Pitt his interest level is not right and you will get hurt be allowing yourself to be treated poorly.

Sometimes women put up with disrespectful behavior such as only texting because they are dating a gorgeous man who is out of their league and just not that into them. Men that are good catches tend to have many different options with women and if he is only texting you there are probably other women he communicates with too.

If you decide to put up with his substandard behavior in order to be with him because he is out of your league and only texts you since he can get away with it, prepare to get hurt. If he is so awesome that he is worth getting hurt for, proceed with caution. I understand the notion that every woman deserves to life for the day. Think long an hard before tolerating accept less than acceptable behavior for a once in a life time tryst. Ask yourself if it is worth losing your self respect for, or getting emotionally hurt.

Trust me though that any dating advice book will tell you to get out and away from a man who treats you poorly while the getting is good and your emotions are still in tact. Common dating advice says that no amount of chemistry and temptation is worth the emotional fallout that follows a fleeting romance. Be careful who you get involved with.


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