He won’t get off the dating sites

Does a man you like claim to have a heartfelt connection to you but at the very same time refuse to get off of the many online dating sites he is on? Is he sending you a text message confirming Friday night plans while simultaneously being online at the same exact time clicking boxes and sending emails to pretty women? You have to realize he is interested in you, as well as whomever else he encounters that he is interested in. It can be nerve wracking for sure but its the nature of the Internet dating game.

Take the fact that he’s online at face value

It’s best to realize the stark truth of what’s going on than be in denial. That way, you can figure out your own plan of action and decide whether you want to keep dating him or opt out because him being online while dating or being intimate with you bothers you too much.  No matter how much he might downplay the presence of his Internet dating profile, it’s on.  He’s actively interested in pursuing other women right under your nose.

He will treat you however you allow him to.  Kicking him off the net however probably will not work as that will come off as pushy. Men do not relish being pushed around be it pushed off the Internet or pushed elsewhere.  He is going to do what he is going to do.  Better to realize that he is online, that he chooses to be, and that he is not voluntarily getting offline to pursue you.   Adjust your agenda with him accordingly.

Some people, men and women alike, just can’t seem to kick the habit of doing the online dating.  If you are single and ready to mingle, you are online.  It is addictive and with all of the dazzling pictures it can be as enticing as a candy store.  It does get tiring after a while though because online dating is time consuming, or can be. It certainly doesn’t make a person evil per se that they are addicted to online dating sites, but it does mean that they crave the attention of multiple people at a time. He wants attention online and also to be with you. If you allow him to get away with this, it’s exactly what he will do and continue to do.

Not interested in a relationship or getting offline … for you

When a guy has this mindset, nothing you can do will get him off line. He is not interested in a relationship with you without plenty of outside benefits. A man that is registered to numerous sites or alternating among them can even view dating as a hobby. He definitely wants to keep his options open. If he expresses feelings for you while flirting, chatting, emailing and arranging dates with other women then clearly this should not be trivialized. He is flirting, chatting, emailing, and arranging dates with other women!

Will get offline … for her

Taking a profile down or hiding it to pursue dating someone takes all of a few minutes. It’s very easy for him to do. After all, if it doesn’t work out he can just reactivate his profile again with a few clicks of the mouse. If he remains actively online months or years into dating you then he does not want to commit and likely won’t. Until of course, he meets that one women who is so hot in his mind that he will yank his profile down to attempt to get to know her and be with her. Usually that is proportionately related to her beauty or his emotional gut feeling about a particular girl.

You’d be amazed that the same man who will drag his feet till the cows come home and never get offline for you, will yank his profile down in a heartbeat if the thinks he’s encountered someone he’s really interested in. If you aren’t the woman he is going off line for, it is doubtful that he will randomly wake up with a lightening bolt and go off line much later when the horse has already bolted. Way too late for that.

If he won’t get off the dating sites to be with you it speaks volumes. He may not be into being in a relationship with you. Continue to date him only if you are continuing to date other men yourself and can handle it from an emotional standpoint. If you get emotional and shook up over his online dating antics to the point where it is starting fights and eroding your relationship with him, it might be better to opt out with him. His player moves might drive you too crazy.

If you think he’s the one you can try to hang in and fight for him however if it drives you nuts and stresses you out to the point of text wars, nagging, convincing, stalking his online dating profiles, and ill-fated talks, you won’t be helping the relationship or your own cause. Better to remove yourself from the playing field without a fight over online dating and then see if he follows. Or not.


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