Help his profile is still active! more on how to deal

Did you met your current Bo through online dating?  Has your communication dropped from every day phone to mostly text message and now you’ve discovered his profile is still active online?  You are not alone!  This happens all the time with online dating and while we usually hear about the romantic meetups we rarely get the scoop on the dirty little issues that surface after the fact.

What does online dating have to do with text message

Believe it or not, many relationships that are stuck in text are by definition the ones that are faltering. It’s the ones where your phone calls have deteriorated into text messages and the person is busy and that is why you wind up here wondering why you are getting ignored. Often times, the interest levels don’t match up and the relationship may be entering into dangerous risk of fizzling. So when you talk about text message and issues with text it is often linked to issues with where the relationship is headed in general. Bottom line is that problems with text message usually equals problems with relationship, plain and simple.

His profile is still active

As stated in previous posts if his online dating profile is still active then he is still actively online, no excuses.  It is what it is.

What to do when you discover he is still online?

The best way to wreck a fledgling relationship is to apply pressure or come unglued when you discover he is still actively checking the net and still online.  Most women only realize what to do after they have completely destroyed a promising relationship by doing the wrong thing, which is to to try and strong arm him off the net.  Won’t work.

So what should you do about it?  Assume he is still actively dating other women and adjust your behavior and expectations accordingly.  Don’t get intimate with him then expect him to think just like you do and yank himself off the Internet because trust me he won’t.

Follow his lead

If you find yourself in a wait and see pattern with a man where you are dating but he is still online actively looking for other women, then you need to follow his lead.  You should be doing exactly as he is which is continuing to date until he suggests otherwise.

Don’t try to control him, it will be a big mistake

If you are that woman that a man is seriously interested in he will have no problem yanking himself off the Internet or hiding his profile to try and be with you.  If he likes you that much he is the one that will be concerned with your online dalliances.  He’ll want you off, so he’ll offer to get off.

If he doesn’t hide his profile or bring the subject up, then he’s in a wait and see, getting to know you stage.  You don’t know how long it will last but during that time assume he is seeing other woman and don’t do anything with him that will turn you into a psycho once you integrate your willingness to please him with the fact that he is seeing other women (or looking at them to say the least).

If you’re smart you won’t try to control a man and strong arm him off the Internet.  Instead, treat him like the person he is, which is a person who is getting to know you but not ready to be exclusive by any stretch of the imagination.  Don’t try to get his profile down by telling him or bringing it up.   Do the opposite and assume he’s still dating because you’ve got all the facts you need already.

Just try to enjoy the time you spend with him.  If it makes you uncomfortable to be intimate while he is still on the prowl, just don’t do it.  That way he can be the one to bring up the subject of intimacy etc and all you have to do at that point is respond.  The time to tell him how you feel is when he brings up the topic.  The appropriate time to tell him it scares you or makes you feel insecure that he is still online looking is when he brings the topic up with you.  Until then, keep looking and keep dating just like he is.


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