How do I handle a girl who texts too much around me?

Does she text too much around you? Are you tempted to tell her to stop or ask Who are you talking to? Who is that? Oh, is that your new boyfriend? Don’t do it! Don’t interrogate your girlfriend about who she is texting! Don’t be the one to point out her improper or rude text etiquette either!

The syndrome of chronic texting is more common than ever these days. Social butterfly, popular, and gossip loving girls tend to be glued to the bling-bling cell phones day and night, whether they be iPhone or Backberries. Don’t take it personally if she texts too much. It’s rude and improper text etiquette for her to be texting her head off when she should be paying attention to who she is with. Nevertheless, ignore it. Unless she is about to kill you by texting and driving her car with you in it or something like that, just leave her and her awful text habits alone.

If she texts around you, she feels comfortable around you

It used to be that if a girl was rudely texting right in front of your eyes that meant she wasn’t interested in you. People do text sometimes to fill and awkward silence or look like they are doing something, but don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t assume that to be the case. She may merely be so used to non-stop texting that she doesn’t even realize that she is being rude. It is usually not about you. She actually might just feel comfortable to do it around you. Don’t let it make you feel insecure at all. Instead, just look at it as though your girlfriend is addicted to her own texting. It’s her thing.

If you are having alone time with this girl or on a real date with her, you may be tempted into giving her a schooling about how she shouldn’t text so much when she is with you. Yes it is rude that she texts, but probably not worth mother hen-pecking her to stop or even worse guilt tripping her about how she may be ignoring you. Chances are that she will get a little ruffled in the feathers if you start to nit-pick at her texting. It’s sort of like you being that person that constantly grooms your mate, picking food particles off their face. It makes you come off as needy, picky, nosy and like you are watching and monitoring her every move.

Chances are she was perfectly comfortable texting and once you point it out to her you are actually making her self conscious and annoyed. You want her to be perfectly comfortable with you, right? So don’t bother her about it. Try the unaffected attitude and just go on with whatever you were doing and don’t micro manage her chronic text message problem. The only reason why you would even have to worry about her texting is when she starts texting another guy who is more interesting to her than you are. Yet think about it, if you are with her, she wants to be with you. It’s likely not some other guy she likes more than you and most likely her gaggle of friends, buddies, and gossip circle she is involved in so just let her be.

Another insecure move would be to get truly jealous or disturbed and then try and interrogate into her business and try to figure out or demand to know who she was talking to. That is going to come off as incredibly insecure and needy when you start quizzing her with questions about who she is talking to. This is a really big mistake because she is going to think you are insecure and needy and this will make her attraction shrivel. It may also start a real fight. As long as she is with you, and flirting with you, and sleeping with you, you are going to be fine and should ignore her texting completely and take the position of not caring who the heck she is talking to. That, makes you look secure. That, makes you look like you aren’t up in her business. That, makes her feel comfortable to do what she wants to do around you, and you want her very comfortable and able to be herself with you.

Tease her instead of complaining about her texting to her

If her texting continues to bother you then consider teasing her or acting more man like to keep her on her toes. If you have to do something, giving her a little rambunctious tease over her texting is a much better choice than criticizing her texting. It puts you in the position of engaging her and being playful with her. Have fun with her. If she’s that distracted from you that she is texting all the time maybe you are just not that interesting and need to step up your game. Here are a few things you can try and see how she reacts.

Hit her buttons on the phone to tease her and mess up her texting, and do something like tickle her. That brings a playful element into the situation and you aren’t criticizing her behavior you’re just ribbing her and hey maybe she needs to be ribbed. Another thing you can do is compliment her on her beauty and texting skills. Compliment her fingers or her focus or her dedication or the way she looks cute when she is texting. If you start to compliment her on her texting skills she will probably get a little kick out of it, even if you are being sarcastic. Making her laugh never hurts. The point is, that you are being playful with her.

Another way to tease her about her texting is to just ignore it and then pull out your own phone. Then, start sending her messages right in the middle of her trying to text someone else. Something flirty or even a little naughty is fine. You look hot while you text, or Stop looking at your phone, or What are you doing. It’s actually rather funny. She’ll get annoyed but at the same time she’ll find it funny as opposed to feeling criticized. Instead of attacking or nit-picking her you are playing along with her.

Last thing to try is to grab her phone out of her hand and start trying to text someone or read or texts on her phone. Tell her you want to text her friend for her. Now you don’t want to do it too, too seriously just feign looking, joking oooohhhh I know what you are up to, quasi threatening to look, etc so that she gets paranoid and grabs the phone back. You can get into a sexy little baby wrestle with her over this and it will bring you closer to her. As long as it is done in playfulness and you aren’t really doing it aggressively, it can work. A man move like this will show confidence, playfulness, it will get her heart thumping a little bit, and will get her attention right back onto you where you want it.

OK so if your girlfriend is a chronic text junkie, leave her alone about it and don’t criticize or insist that she alter her behavior around you. Let her do her thing and let her be comfortable! If her texting really gets on your nerves than take a playful approach and use it as a way to bring two people together. Have fun and tease her, mess with her friends, interrupt her with your own texts, tickle her, or playfully take her phone. These types of moves make you more engaging than the phone. She’ll get the message but she won’t get offended like she would if you tried to set down some stodgy no texting rules on her.

Seeing as you don’t want her telling you what to do, don‘t school her on proper text etiquette. Even if you think it is rude, and in fact know it is rude, let someone else be the one to teach her proper text etiquette. If she doesn’t have proper social etiquette in general, don’t take her to a business meeting or out with clients. Don’t turn her into a girlfriend if she doesn’t know how to act in public to make you look your best. But in casual situations around just the two of you or close friends, let her do her thing. The more comfortable and relaxed she is texting, the more comfortable and relaxed she is going to be when doing other things you want to do with her. The goal is that her inhibitions be down so that she can be herself with you.


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