How not to fall for the late night text routine

What’s up. I am busy but I’ll touch base later (then later comes and) Want me to stop by? (all on text message)

Have you ever dated a man who was beyond gorgeous? These men have no problem getting beautiful women to be with them. He is usually god gifted with incredibly handsome good looks, a great physique, and confidence. Every woman has that one Harlequin romance man she is smitten by. The downside is that you most likely will get hurt if you date Mr too good to be true, and pay a bit of an emotional price.

A good looking, sought after man will always hurt you. unless, of course. you are his goddess counterpart that makes him suddenly want to settle down. If you are the goddess, he wouldn’t be texting you because you would probably be on a date right now and not even in the texting stratosphere much less reading this web site. Right, so if you aren’t the goddess keep reading.

Having known a Mr. too good to be true before I will fill you in on one of their games. It’s the game of having to put in the absolute minimal effort to date you that they can get away with. For a prolific dater, this little game is like a challenge. It’s like the lets try to do nothing and and see if she requires little time and effort on my part game. This game usually happens once you are in a fledgling relationship. He already knows you like him and will drop every thing to see him on short notice, so now it’s a new little challenge to find out how little effort he can put in and keep you around. It’s an ego boosting kind of fun for him.

Communicating only by text message is a very common for of manipulation. This is a person who has an interest in continuing a dating relationship with you, but there are others of you coming into and out of his dating life. He might for example be a very handsome man that is seeing you with you while still actively pursuing other women on his internet dating account. He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship and what he does is his business. But he’s willing to get together with you once in a while. You connect and arrange these get togethers by, you guessed it, text message.

One little cool trick that a game player likes to try is to see if he can arrange a get together with you without ever having to call you to get together. It’s all done by text. He might be really nice on the text, but trust me, he knows he is on text and so do you. No matter how nice his texts are or how noisy the environment he is in or what his excuse for not calling you is, don’t fall prey to the text only routine.

The reason that there is no way you should go from text to date with nary a phone call, is that once a man accomplishes this cool trick with you one single time, he will stop calling you. In fact, he’ll put you into the I don’t need to call her in order to get see her category. If you allow a text to date attempt to succeed one single time, your relationship will likely end with the person. Not only will it end, it will end badly, and probably end by (guess again) text message.

If you find yourself in a I only text ploy you need not to fall for it. This person could be sending you the sweetest I missed you and can’t wait to see you texts ever but if you are planning and then executing a date that involves no phone call and purely just text, you are basically enabling bad behavior. This man will disrespect you and try the routine on you again and again.

The best way to respond to the text only routine is to be nice about it but somehow let the plan slip and fall out of his fingers. Just, wiggle out of actually getting together if he didn’t bother to call and attempts to plan it via text. That’s all you need to do, is don’t fall for it. Just be unable to plan it or do it or just unavailable. Being smart enough not to ever let text only communications take root will save you alot of trouble, trust me.

First of all, you’ll be averting the downgrade to text pattern. If you allow text planned dates, you most certainly are going to find yourself on the fast track to a text only relationship. If you don’t fall for it, you’ve given the guy a puzzle and he knows he is going to have to work a little harder. He may even get mad at you for not falling for it. Just ignore any angry texts he sends after you slip out of his text only games.

The way not to fall for the text only routine is to recognize what it is and then be unable to enact his plan using any available excuse you need to. Trust me you’ll be doing yourself a favor and you’ll keep him in his little game playing maze trying to get to your cheese still. Let him go figure out another game plan. And, if he leaves you because of if it consider yourself happy. He would have left you anyways the minute he spotted a better opportunity, one that was worthy of his phone calls because she insisted on good behavior.

In all likelihood had you fallen for the text only communication you would have been hurt even more. You don’t want to be bamboozled by a smooth text talker, have a romantic date stemming from just a text, and then wake up with a light bulb off in your head that you feel used.

Dating Mr. Gorgeous can be tempting but if it involves getting emotionally hurt it’s actually not worth it. I recognize that you only live once and you might die tomorrow. I know. I know. I know. But, its still not worth it. Emotional hurt wastes so much time and accepted less than above board treatment is not worth how you will feel and be treated after dating a man that can’t even be bothered to call you. If you fall for bad behavior before because you are smitten, then finally figuring it out after getting emotionally hurt, consider it a learning lesson.

If your feelings are hurt for weeks after seeing someone then its not worth seeing that someone again. Finally, if your relationship is in danger and there are other women on his radar than accepting bad behavior from him will not help you hold on to your man. If your guy even tries to attempt this text only communications game on you then be forewarned that the likelihood of this relationship faring well is low. Not falling for text only communications is actually more likely to keep his interest than tolerating it. Men know when their behavior is not entirely chivilrous. Certain men do take advantage of situations simply because they are able to. But rest assured they will not value a woman who puts up with poor treatment from them.


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