How obsessive texting affects a relationship

If you think obsessively texting your love interest messages is OK behavior, think again. Obsessive texting can have an extremely negative effect on relationships and really should be avoided. This article touches upon some of the negative effects obsessive texting can have as percieved by the recipient.

Most of us want to submerge ourselves into the man or woman of our desires. Women especially, can become emotionally attached very quickly after being intimate. Men also can be in hot pursuit however in their case this is almost always before intimacy has occurred after which they tend to back off.

For women, too much emotional texting after intimacy is a sure fire way to push the man of your dreams right out of your life. Men want you to (text) hold on loosely. For men, texting the lady too much prior to intimacy might push this woman you like away. Women don’t want to be (texted) slobbered all over like a cheap (text) suit but they do want to be acknowledged and like it when you at least touch base on text.

In both scenarios male and female, the basic problem is that too many texts indicate a neediness and obsessiveness of the texter. The recipient will definitely take note of such texting behavior. Don’t shoot off 10 consecutive love affirmation messages before thinking about it. Because, your love affirmation may not be coming across to the recipient as love. It may come across as neediness.

Apply all the rules about how to avoid becoming an obsessive girlfriend/boyfriend to your texting habits. This means, give them space by not texting obsessively. Take time for yourself and make sure you have your own life and don’t appear to be constantly curious as to what the other person is doing.

Reconnect by text but don’t attach yourself to the texting hip of this person. If your texts are less frequent, they will be paid more attention to and appreciated more. Too many texts become needy noise and the person is likely to start tuning you out.

Always listen to your gut and when his texts aren’t matching yours at almost one returned for one sent, stop texting. You need to know when to back off lest you smother him or her and appear needy. A woman’s clinginess is a natural phenomenon that occurs after intimacy. Unfortunately, this need has potential for driving a man away. If you are are woman you need to be aware of the difference between the sexes and temper neediness so that it isen’t overwhelming to the man.

Don’t play games or mess with the mind of your loved one. It’s mean. That being said, one nice text has a more powerful effect then 10 obsessive texts. If you feel the recipient pulling away and not responding in equal to your texts, it is time to back off.

Don’t give this person an opportunity to pass judegment that you are too needy, clingy, or whatever. Why wreck a relationship over some bad texting habits. Been there done that don’t obsessively text as it will only hurt your cause.


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