How texting is hurting dating

Dates can be fun, especially when they exist between two people who have already met.  The sad truth is that the only dates that seem to exist these dates, are those lame blind dates that happen from Internet dating.  That isn’t really a date in the common sense of the word because you’ve never seen this person before in your life.  It’s just, seeing them in person before you start texting with them.  Hardly a date.

Whatever happened to good old dating?

I am talking about real dates.  You know, the ones where you meet someone in the course of everyday life and then you go from Hello how are you to, Do you want to meet and go get a drink together?  Those are the real deal, where you can feel that spark and chemistry with someone new that you hit it off with and now actually get to spend time with.  It really can be an exhilarating feeling, way more than a cold turkey meetup where you meet someone off the Internet that you have never seen before in your life.  Yikes.

How texting kills the normal dating process

Well know, there is texting.  And leave it to texting to kill the go out and hang out date.  Now, there is a no-mans land of communication where you can communicate with the person on text message, while meanwhile skipping the part where you actually get out of your house and meet up at a cool place for a drink.  Thank you texting (not).  Instead of going out to hang out, you get a What’s up text that doesn’t even require leaving the house at all.

What this leads to is a lack of needed effort.  Instead of the normal progression of the boy meets the girl, they exchange numbers, talk on the phone, and then start meeting up in real life, you get … texts.    It starts up with a What’s up text message.  Then, the girl responds.  Then, days later he responds.  A week later, they touch base on text, maybe eventually arranging a hook-up, but not a proper date.  The upshot is, that useless texts have replaced normal dating.  This saves a lot of men money and time and effort, but winds up snoozing women into some serious go nowhere relationships.

How to fight back against text

Talking and dating seems to be slowly getting replaced by texting, sexting, and hooking up!  So what is a woman to do when she actually, god forbid, wants a real boyfriend?  For one thing, don’t delude yourself that texts mean anything significant.  The only significant thing they mean is that if your relation is mostly on text, it really does not exist at all.

First of all, if you aren’t seeing him within a week, you can assume they just are not that interested. Time materializes fast for men and women that like each other.  If you are waiting some 10 days for him or her to materialize with some dribble texts in between, it’s a string along and meaningless on the relationship spectrum.  If there is no urgency to see one another in real life, the chances of text communications developing into an actual relationship are slim to none. 

Texting does not facilitate a relationship or communications in a relationship.  What texting does do is circumvent standard dating.  It gives a cheap way to stay in touch that costs nothing and involves lazy communication.  It also confuses women and even dupes them into thinking that a hookup relationship is a real relationship, when the two could not be more different.  If you see your guy using texting as a short-cut to taking you out and spending time with you, decrease your texting. 

The solution to the problem is just to become a text less person.  Don’t engage in sexting or long text conversations.  Keep it brief and make it hard for him to communicate with you this way.  Pretend your texting is broken where he is concerned.  Once you reduce the texting you will quickly see if he will actually lift a finger to contact you. He probably won’t.  If texting is a bad habit between you two, just chop out that method of communicating with him.  Then see if still wants to talk to you. 

A guy who barely likes you, barely text you

If you don’t hear from him for more than a week at a time, just understand that he is not particularly interested in doing anything other than … keep you around as a possible backup plan for when he is bored out of his skull.  Texting is just decimating conventionally phone calls and dating.  The less texting you do, the better off you are, and it also helps you to differentiate when you are a hookup-girl or a girlfriend-material girl.  There is nothing worse than thinking you are one thing, when in fact you are the other.  And texting causes that exact problem.  So … text less and keep your sanity.


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