How to attract men emotionally

Are you one of these women who finds yourself in short term relationships that get hot, heavy and physical then fizzle after just a few months?  If so, you might want to read up on different techniques for seduction and I mean emotional seduction not just physical seduction. 

The number one reason why relationships fizzle after a couple of months is because the woman didn’t know where she stood with the man before getting involved, and then once involved had expectations about being in a relationship when he thought he was just dating.  The number two reason why relationships fizzle after a couple of months is because the woman was able to physically attract the man into becoming involved but didn’t have what it took to keep him emotionally involved.

Emotional attraction

Attracting a man emotionally is completely different than attracting him physically.  If you want to attract him emotionally you have to be able to open your heart to him and be vulnerable.  This is hard for masculine minded women to do as they tend to want to control and dictate the relationships rather than be submissive and feminine to him.

If a man is not cherishing you as a woman it makes it very hard to have an open heart.  So first of all be sure that he is a man of character and treating you right.  If he is, then you can safely open your heart and be more feminine.  Aspects of opening your heart include accepting him as he is.  This means, not trying to change him, monopolize him, control his time, or take over his life or decisions whatsoever.   You have to be very accepting, understanding and adore him unconditionally.  If you have a disagreement with him, one way to make up is to apologize and be unconditionally sweet.  Men do respond to sweet and loving women.

Men love a playful woman who is pleasant to be around and enthusiastic about spending time with him.  Complaining, asking where the relationship is going, jealousy and disrespect will get you nowhere with him.  Make sure to show respect for his opinions and be a good listener.  If he feels like you listen to what he wants it will inspire him to be nicer.  For example, if he lets you know that he is very busy then you need to respect that and not continue for example, to send him unwanted text messages. 

Respect his career goals, personal space and if he has certain opinions or experiences be open to hearing his point of view.  One way that you can show him you listen is to repeat back to him simple things he has said, making it clear that you hear him out and that what he says matters and registers.  For example, if he says he is busy then respond by saying, I don’t wish to disturb you as you are busy this can wait until later.   Men are so used to fending off pushy and aggressive women that a woman who hears him and listens to his needs is a welcome respite.

Sugar does get you further to get him emotionally attracted

Sugar will definitely get you further with your man in terms of attracting him emotionally.  You’ll want to be sweet, lovable and personable when around him.  He’ll be drawn to sweet behavior like no tomorrow.  And, if that sweet behavior is taken away from him he will miss the attention you lavish on him.  Just remember that there is more to attraction than just sexual attractiveness.  To keep him emotionally attached to you be lovable as well.

Your charm and sex appeal can enrapture him at the becoming.  But to truly stand out from the competition you need a shining personality to go along.  When he thinks of you he should think good thoughts.  He should think how you bring him up, put him in a good mood, make him feel good and like he can please you.  If he begins to view being around your personality (not just your body) as irresistiable then he is hooked.  He will be thinking how you are the one and unlike any other girl he has been around.

When your man is sweet and goes out of his way for you, make sure to lavish him with love and attention in return for it.  Always listen and respect what he says when you are around him.  Don’t play games or be dishonest with him.  If you are willing to open your heart and let him in on some secrets or private feelings he will be encouraged to open up to you as well.  Opening up to him shows him that you trust him.   Don’t be afraid to tell him girly things as you would be amazed.  Men love to hear it.

Less is more when it comes to text message and encouraging emotional attraction

You can certainly text a bit of romance to him by letting him know that you are thinking of him.  But its best to let him take the lead and set the pace of text messages.  If you become obsessed and text message him over and over he will turn off.  Re-read your text messages and try to eliminate repetitive texts and redundancy.  Less is always more when it comes to text message.  Text should be a way of flirting with him but not the mainstay of communication with him. 

If he says he is too busy to text or that your texts bother him then stop texting and respect what he says.  There is no faster way to push a man away than to text him non stop.  If he liked you before, he will learn to like you less as you continue to badger him.

The best rule of thumb for texting is to be a sweetheart when he texts you and be responsive.  But when you don’t hear from him, go on about your life and your business.  If he can come to you for sweet treatment he will be encouraged to get in touch with you more often.  If he knows that texting you will involve getting sucked into hours of never ending text messages back and forth, he won’t contact you.  Make it as easy and as pleasant as you can for him to contact you and make plans with you, that way he will be encouraged to stay in touch. 

Men can go days without talking so don’t let that throw you for a loop.  Don’t get insecure when you don’t hear from him.  If you are tempted to send a message saying Why haven’t I heard from you, beware.  He is not your best girlfriend nor should he feel obligated to hold your hand like a child being in constant contact.  Finally, always remember that when it comes to text messaging him, less is more.

Emotional attraction


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