How to be irresistable and make him fall hard for you

Modern dating is tougher than ever and women wonder how they can stand out from the crowd.  If you’re worried about all of the competition from other women then read up on this article.  Here are some traits that men will find irresistible.  It can make the difference and help that guy fall head over heels in love with you.

Put his fear of commitment at ease

Deep down, most men have a serious fear about commitment.  If they feel pressured to commit they might actually stop pursuing you.  With the advent of Internet dating there is always a million choices of women and if a man feels pressured he may choose to pursue love elsewhere.  So how does this help you, knowing that he might leave at any minute if you so much as press him about a relationship?

The trick is that if you’re the woman that puts those fears at ease, he may just stick around.  Your agenda should be to play it cool and be that low key woman who is not so impressed by him.  Once you refuse to be wowed he’ll view you as a non-chaser.  His fear of being smothered and showered with attention is going to go out the window.  All of a sudden, you’re different and he’s working over time to impress you.

If you make a guy believe that you are slightly out of reach, he’s going to be more concerned about capturing your attention and interest than he is about fending you off.  Ignoring him and being unimpressed can trigger the desire in him to pursue.  He’ll be too busy chasing you to worry about your commitment pressuring him.  Do you see how that works?

In terms of texting you are going to want to be fully capable of ignoring him.  If he can barely get your attention on text message he’s not going to be sitting there worried about you being pushy or needy now is he.

Be confident in your own skin

Jealousy can wreck everything.  If you’re obsessed with the competition of other beautiful women, your cleavage or perfect lip gloss, he won’t view you as a natural woman.  You shouldn’t be out to impress someone but rather out to have a good time and enjoy life.  If a man views you as totally comfortable in your own skin it is going to be like an attraction magnet.

You have to be comfortable with your body and your own sensuality.  If you’re dressed like a preening bird it’s nice but a man is going to magnetically attracted by the girl who is confident, letting loose and enjoying herself.  He’ll be magnetized to a woman who is confident in her own aura not a woman that is obsessed with who she is impressing.  If you carry yourself with confidence and sensuality he’ll be drawn to you and visualize you being that way when intimate with him as well. 

It’s a matter of putting out a confident natural and easy going vibe as opposed to projected a stiff competitive or insecure one.  As it relates to text messaging you are not going to want to send him texts that make you look insecure.  Are you thinking of sending him a text that says do you still like me?  Don’t do it.  You don’t need to be fishing for compliments or reassurance from him because you’re secure with who you are.

Easy going attitude

A man is going to go gaga for the woman that can put worries aside and get back to her playful side.  Men are very good at this technique themselves and they seek similar characteristics in women.  When that game comes on or it’s golf night with the boys they can cut loose and forget their worries.  They want a woman to be the same way.

If a guy senses that arguments or life issues are going to be doom and gloom with you, or worse you cause toxic fights then he is going to be out of there.  Granted he does not want you laughing when serious matters arise.  He wants a girl who can deal.  But when the pressure is off he needs to be able to relax rather than freeze up.  Being able to have a playful side is important and he will look for that trait in a woman.

Don’t be a bore

Men don’t like a woman who is boring or who relies on him for all of her entertainment.  He’ll be way more infatuated if you have your own interests and passions.  If you like to learn new things and embrace your hobbies he is going to be more interested.  Not only that, he will view you as a woman who has a life and if not looking for a man to make her.

Whether it be cooking, taking classes, trying new things or having girls night out, your life should be filled with your own interested and not revolving around him.  A high energy passionate personality will inherently attract someone to you.  He’ll be thrilled to get a piece of your time, find out what you’re interested in and learn new things around you.  Even if he could care less about your hobby, your genuine enthusiasm for what you do will be infectious to him.

In terms of text message then you aren’t going to want to be sitting out every single weekend waiting around to find out what interesting things he is into.  Even if you’re studying with a friend or giving yourself a mani-pedi at home it should be a plan.  If you find yourself becoming a bore then set about filling your time with more activities.  Even if your activity is cleaning your house be sure to make it into a full blown project that you are into. 

The last thing he probably wants to get is text messages all weekend telling him how bored and lonely you are without him and asking him what he is up to.  Get a life and if you don’t presently have one then fake it until you make it.  If you have your own things going on and don’t need him to make or break your weekend then you are going to be more irresistible to him, guaranteed.


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