How to get a date in 60 seconds

Getting a date doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. You can quickly get a date with an attractive woman through online dating if you approach her the right way. Whether you are online, at Starbucks, the supermarket, gym, a bar or just walking down the street you can approach an attractive woman. Some men think attractive women are harder to approach but it is not always the case. At worst, you get shot down and let it slide off your back.

A simple Hi

A simple hi will always suffice. Corny pickup lines are not as good. Don’t think up a gimmick or clever line that you think will be a good opener. Sometimes a simple hello is all you need. If you have confidence you can skip the excuse genre of pickup line such as Don’t I know you, and go directly to the truth. Something like No games I am interested in you! Or Wow you are attractive! Spontaneous compliments from the heart are not pickup lines. They are more like gut-level natural reactions and go over better with women. So instead of that canned pickup line say something that comes from the gut, and barring that just say hello.

Don’t be too serious

Keep things lite. Don’t wax poetic or ponder true love or get deeply intellectual or philosophical. When it comes to pickup, the gut instinct can often attract her more successfully. If you take it lightly and don’t obsess over the outcome of your approach, you’ll come across way more natural. Don’t take the whole interaction with her so seriously. Teasing her or just letting her know you are attracted and interested may be all you need.

Be prepared to think Fast

Be prepared to think fast. Particularly when online you can express and interest and ask for a number straight up and pretty much right away. This will weed out a bunch of useless back and forth communication. Come straight to the point. Because basically, if a woman is attracted to you she will give you her number. In fact, if you act with speed and get her number it saves you time. It shows her that you value your time and that you aren’t going to dilly dally around. Cut to the chase.

Touch base on Text then call

As soon as you get a girls number it does not hurt to text her. Again, if she gave you the number then she is definitely interested. Text her right away and say Hi this is (so and so) program my name and number into your contact list as (so and so). You can even suggest what she should program your contact name in as, using a little humor. Then, leave her alone for a while.

A woman values a fast direct approach. If she is attracted to you she will respond well, and if she isn’t then it’s a win also because you will have wasted very little of your time in weeding her out. It’s fine to text first but only do it to ensconce yourself into her phone and into her contact list. Once that’s accomplished wait a while and then call her. Women think texts are fun but they will be way more interested in a cute guy that calls her verses a cute guy that text converses with her.

Get in, get out fast with her number. Don’t talk and talk and talk before you get or number and don’t text and text and text after you get her number. Show her that you have a life and that you are in control of your time.

Leave her wanting More

The fast approach serves another purpose as well, it leaves her wanting more. Don’t allow yourself to have long winded text exchanges. As a woman I can tell you that interest level spikes higher when the man goes distant. The man who avoids idle chatter and only comes in to set up a date reigns supreme. Make a plan, then go on about your life. If you leave her wanting more your chances of having chemistry and seeing her again skyrocket.


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