How to get your ex boyfriend back faster

Practical dating advice will pressure you that if you want to get your ex back that you need to take action immediately.  Well this is key however it should not be interpreted the wrong way.  Taking action does not mean begging, pleading, texting, calling, stalking, convincing or harassing him not to break up with you.  Taking action means accepting the breakup like a grown up and going your own separate way.  It means not contacting him or bothering for quite a while until the dust settles. 

If you want to get him back, don’t waste months fighting with him

The sooner you leave him alone the sooner you increase your chances of getting him back.  If you want to get your ex boyfriend back faster your best chance is to cut ties and leave him alone for a while.  No fluff, no fighting, no games.  Show him that you can control your emotions and respect his decisions.

Window of opportunity to get him back

It’s almost a given that a man will look for a rebound relationship after a breakup.  And if the breakup was coming he may have already been looking or even have something lined up.  A man likes to have a woman and a rebound is going to make him feel like more than a man.  The problem is that a man is more likely to fall in love with a woman that he sleeps with.  He can definitely form a strong emotional bond with such a person.  Although rebound relationships rarely last, they can.  So the longer you blow your chances to get him back, the more at risk you are that he will give himself to someone else, fall madly in love or move on with his life.

The biggest mistake that women make is in realizing that there is in fact a window of opportunity to get him back and then clamoring after him in a panic doing all the wrong things to get him back.  In fact, women tend to drag on the breakup so long that it cuts into their window of opportunity.  Yes the window of opportunity exists but rather than using up time with a protracted breakup and fighting, a clean break and making the right moves actually saves time.  Instead of panicking you have to act in the correct manner that your ex will respond to.  That includes leaving him alone for a while until things cool off.

The sooner you accept and respect his desire to break up and not communicate, the better.  Because it’s this period of no contact that will let all of the dust settle and give him and you a chance to think and actually miss each other.  When you get advice to take action immediately that does not mean to chase after him and try to reverse the breakup.  It means the opposite.  It means respect the breakup so that when you do have an opportunity to rekindle things you are ready for it. 

Rather than spend months fighting foul and allowing the relationship to erode, you’d be better off respecting a breakup and going no contact for a month until the dust settles and you are both in a better place to rekindle the romance. 

A protracted breakup and treating each other poorly and fighting is totally unproductive and will ultimately waste time.  All during that period that you two continue to haggle with one another, he will grow more likely to have his opinion about breaking up with you reinforced. The more you harass him the more he will want to move on and never look back. Don’t chop into your window of opportunity to get him back by continuing to fight with him or pursueing him relentlessly when he is wanting space and not interested.


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