How to handle your girlfriends raging text message mood swings

Even if your girlfriend is sweet and loving for the most part, there are times when she might fly off the handle and turn into a raging text message lunatic.  You might want to blame it all on PMS.  If you openly blame hormones, she is likely to take offense. She will feel like you are discounting or ignoring her issues which she feels are valid issues. 

The truth is, any issues that your girlfriend does have with you, may become magnified during that time of the month.  If you find yourself having one big text blowout a month with her, there may be a correlation to her period.  That is the time of the month where a girl is the most vulnerable to hormonal mood swings.

Her hormones can certainly escalate any outstanding anger or resentment that she has with you.  You might even notice she brings up old baggage that you though had been put to rest. Don’t openly blame it on the PMS, just know that PMS can bring out the worst in what she already feels. If you notice a timely once a month fight with her, it can often be correlated to her PMS period. That is when she is most vulnerable and likely to blow her top. For example, if she feels you pulling away or ignoring her completely, she could text you like crazy.

Depressed girlfriend

If she swings from raging rampage to depression melt down, some tender loving care might be in order.  She might be feeling left out, ignored and unappreciated.  Maybe she feels unattractive or unsure of herself.  Nothing you say will cheer her up yet just being there for her should help. 

Try to spend time with her and give her some love.  Be playful or just make her laugh.  An uplifting movie, some shopping, takeout or just some downtime with you can help her get out of a bad mood.  Think comfort.  If you’ve been ignoring her try to pay attention.  Give her some affection that is not just physical.  For example, pick up a favorite takeout or offer to run an errand.  Take her to an uplifting movie or plan something local and fun.

Angry girlfriend

If she is carrying around any built up resentments, you are most likely to hear about them at PMS time.  She might brew on something all month long and then finally start venting all at once.  This can lead to an emotional outpouring and a psyco texting episode. If she is on the warpath be sure to keep yourself busy and avoid the line of fire when possible. Don’t bring up touchy topics when she is wired too tight.

To avoid her bad mood from getting out of control, try not to make any accusations, sweeping judgements, or generalizations.  Rash solutions such as threatening to move out or break up just because you got into a big fight can escalate the drama from a simple bad mood into a relationship deal breaker.  Make your best efforts to be civil and honestly address any issues she has.  Talking to her and listening to her issues with an open mind can help her break out of a PMS tantrum.  She might act needy, stressed and mean when underneath it all she just wants to be heard and validated.

Silent girlfriend

If your girlfriend is giving you the silent treatment or distancing herself from you, there might be some issues at play.  Try to be sensitive with her and be open to listening her talk when she finally opens up.  Distance can be a prelude to a fight or yelling match as some girls keep everything bottled up then it comes pouring out in one big tantrum around PMS time. 

There are hormones at play every month.  Don’t push your girlfriend into telling you what is wrong but do give her breathing room and be there for her when she decides to open up.

Stressed girlfriend

If your girlfriend is stressed out over money, school, or work, tread lightly.  This stress can elevate at that time of the month and you might see her pop-off at you for some seemingly small transgression.  Stay out of her way and don’t pick fights with her when she is stressed out.  If you do, you might get a hundred angry text messages while at work.

If your girlfriend is totally stressed out try to offer to do something tangible.  If you live with her for example, spend a day doing a house clean.  If she has a million things to do you could offer to help out.  Remember that sex can relieve stress so if you have the opportunity to give her some good loving don’t pass it by.  It can really improve her mood if she is open to it.  An exercise workout, or a social distraction will also work well to relieve stress and clear her head.

PMS texting

Remember that her moods will swing through a pendulum as the the month passes.  She might be frisky during the time she ovulates, short tempered the week prior to her period, bloated or depressed for a few days when she gets it, and happy when its over.  It is just a natural cycle so remember she is a complicated living creature and her hormones are at play. 

If you watch the cycle you may notice the outbursts are more severe during one week out of the month.  If you are understanding, consistent and nice to your girlfriend she will get through it all and you’ll see her best behavior most of the time. 

How to handle your girlfriend’s PMS

Don’t be surprised if your girlfriends anger, depression, lethargy, or neediness at that time of the month puts her on the defensive or even on the text message attack.  If there is a monthly pattern and you recognize it, then you might be a little more empathetic to her mood cycles and why she is acting out.

If you get bombarded with texts over a transgression try not to engage.  The goal should be to avoid embroiling yourself into a two-way tirade that escalates into a broader relationship damaging fight.  Just listen and be willing to acknowledge her issues without getting overly defensive. 

Let your girlfriend know how important she is to you.  If all else fails, treat her to a mani-pedi, give her some good attention, buy her surprise flowers for no reason, offer to workout with her to relieve stress, or take her out on a cozy date.  Let her know you care is the recommended remedy to a PMS afflicted girlfriend.


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