How to keep a man addicted to you after you catch him dating tips

So you’ve captured his interest for that first crucial month of dating, congratulations!  Now your goal is to keep your man addicted to you after this first month.  If you fear that he might fizzle after the initial sparks fly then keep reading for these tips to keep him addicted like there’s no tomorrow!

Boost his morale

Men don’t show their emotional side as easily as women.  But that does not mean they are heartless.  Men are full of emotions when it comes to dating.  To keep him addicted be sure to give him a steady stream of morale boosters.  Compliment him and let him know what he is doing right.

Respect his space

Men don’t like women who are bossy and who try to control their personal time.  Even if he’s just with the boys he wants to feel that you give him his space.  A man might be more into his job, career, sports or friendships than you realize.  If you give him breathing space and respect his schedule he will consider himself lucky.  Don’t try to put a clock on his time.  The more you respect and trust him the more addicted he will be to you.

Be supportive

A man might hide all of his personal issues from you for quite a long time.  Men aren’t like women and if they have things brewing they don’t always divulge it.  For example, they tend to keep issues at work, financial matters and other things quite private.  They don’t want to share what makes them imperfect.

You might go for weeks, months, even years without hearing your boyfriend really break down over something.  Eventually though, he will come to you with a personal problem seeking your help or advice.  This is important because he’s letting you into his inner circle.  Such confessions can become make or break moments for your relationship and so you should try to be there for him and be supportive.  He’ll appreciate you more when he realizes that you are able to be there in good times and in bad times.

Be unselfish

One of the biggest relationship complaints men have is that the woman they date is selfish.  If he starts to think it’s all about you, you and you then he will grow to resent your apparent selfishness.  To counter this try to satisfy his needs and consider his life important.  It is not always about you.  A man values a woman who sees beyond just what she wants out of the relationship.  Try to be giving and unselfish. 

A simple example of this would be if he has to cancel a date because of some pressing family issue or work matter.  Instead of throwing a tantrum that you had to sit home on a Friday or Saturday night try to take it in stride.  Every once in a while, his real life might get in the way of your fantasy relationship.  If you are able to roll with it then he will come back for more.

Be genuine

It helps to be beautiful and to look fashionable but that’s not all she wrote.  A man is going to be more addicted if you are genuine and authentic.  He’d rather have an honest girl that is 100% authentic about how she feels.  That does not mean you pour your guts out and let him know all of your feelings all of the time.  It just means that if you do have a conversation he can be reassured that he is getting the truth out of you. 

After the first month of dating it can pay off to minimize game playing and let him see the real you.  If you use tact, you can tell it like it is because he will want to know truth not sugar coated lies. If he knows you are honest and genuine you are more likely to keep his attention and hopefully, his undying love!


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