How to keep a successful womanizer away from hurting you

There are many names for that alpha male who likes to have short sexual relationships with many different woman.  The women who are easy prey and are hurt the most by him are the ones who are innocently looking for love and have never encountered a man out for just amorous adventures.  She is also the woman who gets the most hurt by what he does.  This article gives you the surefire ways to detect a sport dating womanizer and keep him from making you another victim of his ways.

The call it philanderer, womanizer, Casanova, Don Juan, debauchee, libertine, rounder, Lothario, masker, skirt chaser, woman chaser, wolf, seducer, lady killer, letch, or just maybe adult male.  Most men will want to date a number of women and most men will have a hard time declining sex.  But a womanizer is a different breed.  He actually studies game and wants to bed as many woman as possible and he does not want to get into a relationship from the get go.  He will  lie, cajole, trick, con, and talk you into anything trying every game he can.  He thinks of his goals first and your feelings later, if ever.  If he is good at what he does and you are naive, you won’t see it coming.

The womanizer might claim innocence because he is after all not in a committed relationship and has the right to date.   What is not so innocent however is that he is specifically using trickery and tactics to get you to fall for him so there is a sort of evil calculation happening when he approaches you and in how he handles you.  Here are a few surefire ways to route out this type of man.  While all womanizers are just biding time until they find they one, if he treats you in the below mentioned ways, you won’t be the one.  You’ll be one of many.

Womanizer alert he comes on like a cheap suit

Be wary about a man that you never met before that comes on really strong within the first few dates.  He may be giving you the full court press to try and get you to throw down your guard.  If you are getting his flirtatious or suggestive texts and he is acting like he has known you for months when he has known you for a week or two, heads up.  A womanizer wants to get you as comfortable as possible as fast as possible while meanwhile physically escalating the relationship with you as fast as he can. 

Remember that how a man acts before you get intimate with him means very little.  Its afterwards that tells all, so take your time getting to know him in the beginning.  That will give enough time for him to have to drop his rush to sex act and get to know you too.  Don’t delude yourself that the man he is, is defined by the first few dates. 

I hear women saying but he was so nice in the beginning, so I know he can be nice, la-la-la.  Duh.  Don’t pretend he is the man he was on the first two dates.  Instead, realize he is the man he is now, and that for the first two dates he was just on his best behavior as a means to an end.  Also, don’t over analyze things.  Whether he just isen’t into you in particular, or isen’t into commitment in general doesn’t really matter.  If he isen’t acting right and treating you the way you wish to be treated, why ask why.  Trying to obsess and crawl into this guys brain is a total time waster.

Womanizer alert he skips the date

Number one alert of the womanizer is certain tell-tale behaviors he pulls after the first date or two.  A womanizer usually becomes busy or unavailable to go on a date after the first or second date elapses.  All of a sudden its lets rent a movie, lets hang out, I’ve got a game or social obligation but I will come over to your place after to see you, etc.  All of these are warning signs that he is trying to redirect the location of the date to a location in close proximity of a bed.  When dates start to disappear and hanging out or hooking up late in the evening takes its place, you should know what that means.  Don’t ignore the obvious.

If you’ve never hung out during the day, seen his place, met his friends, or ran an errand together, don’t let him near a bed.  Don’t let him orchestrate a date near the couch or bedroom.  Unless of course, you want a womanizer to have his way.  Believe it or not, a man who likes you will spend time with you, even if it is to make cookies, show you how to light your barbecue, or teach you how to play baseball.

Womanizer alert, he only texts and not reliably

This is an obvious one.  If he Houdini’s on you and goes missing for days and weeks on end it is not, I repeat not, because he is busy with anything other than … women.  If a man likes you he makes time for you and he keeps in touch.  If he is busy juggling woman in and out of his system however, he will go missing in action for days, weeks, even months claiming excuse after excuse after excuse.  If you’ve fallen for him then you will be inventing excuses for him that he has never even thought of!  He’s brooding, he’s busy, he’s stressed, he’s into his career, he has family problems, he just wants to date, he doesn’t have time for a relationship, he wants to take it day by day, bull, bull, Bologna. 

If he never calls you to ask how you are, and he texts you last minute, unreliably and unpredictably for get togethers, he has other things going on besides you.  A prolific dater might be talking to ten or twelve women on line at any given time, have a few women who are leaving, a few he is getting to know, and a few he regularly sees.  So you can understand how he can easily go missing on you. If you wonder how he can go so long without talking and why he doesn’t miss you then wonder no more.  Its because he is spending time with someone else. 

A womanizer will have new woman, single looking women, rotating onto and off of his social networking profiles.  His suggestive comments on their posted photographs and his totally single status will be blaringly obvious.  If he likes you he will be bragging about you and wanting to show you off, not hide you and compartmentalize you away from his social world.

Womanizer alert red flag, he leaves soon after intimacy

If you are unfortunate enough to get dragged into a womanizers web, you can realize what he is about very quickly.  If you are getting intimate and he always leaves very soon after sex or intimacy, there is probably nothing there other than a physical relationship.  If things  were jiving, he would hang out at your house and not be putting on his clothes and beelining for the door claiming he has things to do early the next morning.  A genuine guy will be hard pressed to leave you if he has the opportunity to be with you all evening. 

A womanizer, will have gotten what he wanted and will try to make a hasty exit so as to lower your expectations that he will become your boyfriend.  You’ll notice yourself counting the minutes until he leaves or you leave.  Take note of how soon after intimacy he invites you out again. Some womanizers have wised up to the old courtesy texts after intimacy.  They might do that to be civil if they hope to get together with you again.  However, it’s more about whether they ask you for plans.  A genuine guy will follow up soon after intimacy not just to check in but to make plans to see you. 

A womanizer will let time stretch like a rubber-band after sex.  You won’t hear from him and when you do it will be after days or a week or more has passed.  In the meantime, if you break down and contact him then he knows you are hooked and will work even less to keep you on his womanizer string. 

Once he knows he has you hooked, he will do as little as humanly possible to keep you stringing along as he runs around having his cake and eating it too, doing god knows what.  The sad part is that you might allow it because you are hooked.  So your relationship becomes a cat and mouse game and he learns that you will tolerate poor treatment.  Once you’ve been trapped by a womanizer you will find yourself in a put up or shut up relationship that drags on in time for as long as you allow it to, but ultimately never really progresses to anything substantial.

Womanizer alert he lowers your expectations

A womanizer will always lower your expectations.  That means he will skip over days of meaning to you.  He will miss Valentine’s, your birthday, and other holidays and will be off doing his own thing.  He knows that if he acknowledges these days with you there will be expectations and he doesn’t want there to be.  He will actually be rather mean in his efforts to lower your expectations and not become an integral part of your life.  And, he will be doing this on purpose.

A womanizer will purposely become unreliable.  Trust me he knows exactly what his plans are for the weekends he has off.  So, if you don’t hear from him until late into a night that has essentially already happened, it’s his doing.  He wants to keep you off guard and keep his dates with you spontaneous and unreliable.  The minute you have expectations that his Friday night off is yours, he will become unavailable.  If you feel yourself suspended into a permanent early relationship where you can’t even rely on the guy to have consistent plans with you then he is keeping the relationship from progressing, on purpose.

Getting hurt by a womanizer a more likely outcome than having fun

Hopefully these surefire tips will help you identify a womanizer in your midst.  Some women throw caution to the wind for a chance with a womanizer because these men are often extremely hot and good physically.  They figure that this is their one chance to be with someone out of their league so they drop their standards of how they wish to be treated and respected. They want Brad Pitt as a soul-mate, if even just for a day. That is a personal choice.  But be forewarned that if you surf the web on this topic you will find a trail of destruction, not woman bragging about how worth it that it was. 

These men can hurt you bad, damage your ego, and leave you feeling like a fool that has been con jobbed.  You are more likely to feel emotionally robbed than you are to feel like you did something worthwhile.  Moreoever, if you are used by a womanizer your outlook on men and relationships going forward can be seriously damaged.  So, before getting involved with a skirt chaser, be sure he is worth all that.


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