How to make her obsess over you

When it comes to making a woman obsess over you, be careful what you wish for. There are several effective means to make her stare at her cell phone wishing for your text or call.  Of course the best way to make her obsess is to be rich, famous and look like Brad Pitt. Since that won’t happen for most men, there are certain physical and psychological tricks that you can employ to help your cause.  You don’t have to be a bonefide Adonis to do it.

Set realistic expectations

First of all, set your expectations to be realistic and find women that match up with you fairly well in the first place. If you are a 5 in the looks and career department and are trying to make a hot babe who is perfect 10 model obsess over you it probably won’t happen. You have to throw your dating hat into the right ring. It doesn’t mean lowering your standards or expectations. It means finding dates that are at least somewhat comparable to you in several departments be it looks, career, wealth, social circles, and so on.

Look good as a package

Next, try to improve upon yourself and be the best version of yourself that you can. You can’t change what mother nature gave you or how tall you are or your genetic hair growth. So this means you work with what you’ve got. First things first, which is getting to the gym regularly and getting your body into shape. If you want to make a woman obsess about you while you’re planted on the couch with a beer belly you’re fighting a losing battle. Get in shape and take care of yourself. Chemistry matters to women and therefore a fit body should up her attraction to you substantially.

Shop periodically for clothes that enhance your looks too. You don’t have to be a millionaire as inexpensive brands like Macy’s INC have casual clothes for men that look great. Avoid that colorful Ed-Hardy look and try for the more solid color basics instead. A clean, modern look will give you an edge. A nice white T-shirt or dazzling blue flatters more than an old ratty concert T-shirt with an obnoxious logo.

Overall appearance does matter so if you still rattle around in a Chevy Luv you might want to upgrade cars. You don’t need a black on black Mercedes either. Something clean, modern and practical like a Toyota or Nissan sedan or a clean sport utility vehicle works fine. The bottom line is that you’re going to want to be in good shape, drive a decent car and have a plentiful lifestyle. That means a job and a great group of friends that you do activities with. In other-words, have a life. If you’re constantly alone and relying on her for entertainment she won’t obsess (you will).

Be somewhat guarded about your life

Once you have your looks and lifestyle in check, and a girl with potential interested in you, it’s time to make her obsess. What you need to do is make her work a little bit in order to fit into your life. That means first of all you need to get a life and be involved in plenty of activities. A guy that is perfectly capable of being on his own, is the same guy who will have women clamouring for his time. Don’t make everything easy for her. Be busy and not always available. This works best if you really are busy and not always available for real. If you’re busy and she likes you then she is forced to obsess, wait her turn, and vie for your attention all of which make her think more and more about you.

Be more guarded. Women will obsess more about a man that she can’t quite control or figure out. Here is where you hit her out of the park. You be willing to say what you need to say and own it. Don’t walk on eggshells. A woman is more likely to obsess over a man that is confident about his own existence. Don’t be afraid to say no. Don’t be afraid to have your own opinions. Never walk on eggshells about who you are and what you are about. A self confident aura really draws women in. Don’t let your life be an open book when you can so easily let her have fun reading you one page at a time.

Give top quality emotional attention to her with periods of emotional absence in between

If I could think of an animal it would be a cat or a tiger. The type that can stay away for a long time but when it comes in, it can give good attention and affection. A cat like personality (a little fickle) is going to make her obsess more. A dog like personality of being constantly there, friendly and affectionate does not ignite obsession. When you give her attention make it concentrated and really good attention so she’s on cloud nine. Then just as quickly as you came you are back to your own life and she’s on the back burner.

It sounds mean to say however really, really good attention metered out in strong yet infrequent doses works wonders. Trust me she will obsess because she’ll be waiting for that attention to be focused on her again and she’ll want it because it doesn’t come easy. The simplest example would be if you have an affectionate night with her then go on about your business for days or a week with no contact. She’s going to obsess like crazy if you do this so be careful. You don’t want to be mean you just want to let the rubber band stretch and stretch so that she has some anticipation about when she is going to hear from you and what is going to happen next.

Challenge her

Men who challenge women find themselves with devoted women. So devoted even, that these women will do anything including fight tooth and nail to keep their man. One of the ways to challenge her is to let her know she is not the only woman in the world. If she feels you have other options she will obsess more and work that much harder to please you.

It can also be a good thing to challenge her character. If she has obvious character flaws or shortcomings you can let her know. In other words be honest.  If she is not adventurous enough, tell her how important being with an adventurous woman is to you.  If you don’t want to be with a woman who smokes and she smokes, then say it like it is. Tell her and see if she quits. If she is not athletic enough for you then challenge her to up her game and take some training classes. It’s not about being mean it’s about setting a mental and physical challenge for her which by the way, she will like.

You might think that questioning her behavior or flaws is mean but if a woman likes you then she’ll be up to the challenge of improving herself. If you put her up on too much of a pedestal and make her out as miss perfect she’ll get bored. So remember, don’t go too far out of your league, maximize you physical appearance and live a plentiful active lifestyle, package yourself well, keep your guard up at first, give her bursts of top quality attention followed by inattention, and challenge her to be the best woman she can be. If you show up and she’s in sweats don’t be afraid to ask her why she doesn’t get dressed up for you. It’s all about confidence and working with what you have in order maximize your man magnet factor.


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