How to make him addicted to you with text messages

Silence for days followed by an out of the blue text message to your boyfriend such as, Well you are on my mind and I was thinking about you today, will get him wondering and inquiring as to what exactly you mean. He’ll want more.

The only way to use text messaging to your advantage in a love relationship, is to use it very sparingly, if at all. The less you text, the more effective the text.

Texting too much can become a very bad influence on your love relationship. If, however, you can keep your text messaging at an absolute minimum, a few strategic text messages sent sporadically can genuinely spark your mans interest. If you want to make texting work to your advantage rather your detriment you will have to rarely ever text message him. It should come as a pleasant unexpected surprise to him if he receives a text message from you.

If you are single and dating or in a relationship, you can make a man addicted to you with the help of good text messaging skills. Here are a few tips for texting him. Just remember, in order to make him addicted you are going to want to text him infrequently, and in a totally unpredictable and spontaneously playful manner.

Let him take the lead and text you first

When you really like someone, you can inadvertently tend to take the masculine lead with him which is a mistake. You text him, you compliment him, you suggest get that the two of you get together soon. Gosh this is one of the most common dating faux pas that women make. Please don’t learn the hard way that you should not be the one chasing him.

Men are hard wired in their brain to do the chasing and once you start chasing them the dynamic totally changes in the relationship. Once you do this, you can rarely get it back to the right direction of him chasing you. This can be truly tragic especially if you blow it with someone you honestly believe is the one, your soul mate.

When texting it is best to let him take the lead. Try if you can to let him text you first, and then you can craft the perfect playful response to his text message. This way you can avoid sending him a message at an inopportune moment such as when he is busy at work.

If he is dating other women or only mildly interested in you, then you’ll be forced to initiate. You want to talk to him yet he’s not talking so you have to at least throw something out there. This is high risk, because he may not be into you at all. A man that is interested in you will always contact you.

If you do initiate because there is no other choice, make sure to send out one lone text message completely randomly and see if he nibbles. Something as simple as What’s up? will suffice. If he responds positively maybe you can turn around his interest an re-ignite things. If you hear nothing from him then move on and leave him completely alone, at least you gave it a shot. Just because a man responds to a text message you send him does not mean he is interested. He should pick up the conversation and initiate more, such as plans. If you text him a text saying hello and he responds back with a hello, I would not take it as a positive sign. A man that is interested in you will always take initiative and escalate conversations into making plans with you.

Be totally unpredictable

Do not text him every day about mundane topics such as what errands you ran. Leave him wondering what you are up to, and don’t check in with him giving him the blow by blow minutes of your day. This will become old very quickly and he will no longer look forward to getting a delicious text message from you.

When you do text him first, try to trigger positive memories that will rouse his passion for you. For example, out of the blue send him a message that you are thinking about him. Passion inspires men and anything that makes his heart beat a little faster is a good thing. Make him be waiting to get that text message from you so that he delights in it and saves it in his inbox.

Leave him wanting more

Try not to text him first whenever possible. Texting him too much or even every day will be a very big turn off to him and he will begin to tune you out. You don’t want to get him feeling that he is the one being chased, or god forbid stalked.

Try to text him only as often as he texts you if not less than that. In other words, leave him wanting more. Don’t make your texts long winded or detailed. Leave actual conversations for when you get together, otherwise you might find that your entire relationship gets conducted on text message.

Keep texts flirtatious and playful, not raunchy

Remember that a text relationship is a non-relationship. It’s virtual and men who communicate solely and primarily with their women via text are often game players. If he only texts you (and never calls) you need to recognize that you might be in a casual relationship. A man who always steers conversations toward getting intimate may not even be genuinely interested in a relationship with you. To be safe, refrain from text conversations that are too intimate or personal.

Protect yourself from being relegated into purely physical conversations with him by never allowing the text conversations to devolve into becoming explicitly intimate. You don’t want him to view you as his 900 number. You aren’t there to give him pleasure when is bored. Keep texts above board and playful. If you would be mortified for someone to see your conversation, then you know your conversations are no longer appropriate.

To protect against texting yourself into becoming a virtual relationship, keep conversations short and vacuous. Make it impossible for him to make plans with you on text message. Be playful however try to avoid extremely flirtatious texts. Keep it on the up and up. To keep texting clean, ask yourself if you lost your phone would someone have a field day looking at your texts? If they would, then try to clean up your texting act. As a rule of thumb, texts should be G or PG13 rated, as opposed to R, X or un-rated.

Keep it short and cut him off first

Keep text messages to your boyfriend short and playful. Don’t go into fights or explicit details, and don’t discuss major issues between the two of you on text message. If you do, you might find him tuning out when you fight and forcing you to pathetically text message him your point of view. Don’t train him that he can ignore you and screen your phone calls, because then you will be forced to vent and air grievances on text message. He’ll start to label you a crazy girlfriend and in return you’ll hate him for labeling as such.

The more you text him, the more he might in fact relegate you to text. It’s a vicious cycle and he will stoop to your texting level and keep you trapped there if you allow it, so don’t. Engaging in too much texting with him is bad for your relationship with him. The more you text, the more he’ll text, the more your relationship will happen on text.

The best thing is to never train him that it is okay to have major text conversations about anything. Teach him that text message is not the communication venue to have real discussions by flat out refusing to engage in such exchanges on text message. That way, you set the communication standard up between the two of you in a healthy way.

When flirting or sending a few messages back and forth, try to be the one to end such conversations first. Always leave him wanting more. If you want him to consistently crave you, then you should respond to his texts every once in a while, but ignore all the rest. Every text does not require a response. It won’t hurt to use a few player’s mind games on him. Leave him on the edge of his seat wanting more. When you text him too much it makes you appear desperate. The more you text him, the less he is likely to respond, and you’ll soon discover you’re texting him like crazy and he’s treating you like a doormat girl. So don’t text him too much.

To keep yourself with the upper hand and have him addicted, try to cut off conversations before he does. Don’t be rude. Just don’t be the one to keep texting on and on and on. If you suddenly opt out of a text conversation because you are busy and have to go it will leave him hanging. He does it to you sometimes, so be sure to return the favor. It is not game playing, it’s leaving him with something to think about every now and then. Not only that, it’s reminding him that you have a life. You aren’t available to text all day. Men crave a women that has to literally make time for him. Make him vi for your attention.

Many women learn these lessons in attraction the hard way. If these tips help anyone keep things going right with their man this web site and these texting tips were worth authoring. If you think you have come across the man of your dreams, be ready for it. Set the tone of your texting the right way, Avoid the rookie mistakes pointed out in this blog and your love life will be secretly transformed forever. Your man will be addicted to you. You deserve to act right and have things go your way.


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  1. Will Hunting says:

    As a guy who has left a string of broken hearts behind him, I can vouch for all this 110%. I’m sorry girls but you simply MUST do this. Men – especially highly desirable men – get SUFFOCATED if a woman shows a lot of interest. I’ve ALWAYS been in control of my relationship until I recently met a girl who (whether intentionally or not) does 90% of things here (I still cut conversations and meetings first to maintain SOME dignity). Though I don’t show it, it drives me absolutely INSANE. I long for her 24/7. She gives me crumbs. Sometimes she’ll answer the phone like I’m almost bothering her – makes me want pull my hair out. She has a focused and busy personal life outside of men. I’ve never ever felt like this but some guys NEED a woman to be like this otherwise we take you for granted. Seriously. We can be so into you, but as soon you show us that we are your everything (and keep showing us this), we’re UTTERLY put off. Sad to say but no matter how beautiful, smart, or lovely you are, a desirable guy will NOT stay interested unless you give yourself SPARINGLY to him. And following the advice in this blog is exactly what you need to do. For your own sakes please do what this tells you. (This makes me think I should write for a woman’s mag)

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