How to make him addicted to you with your text messages

You can ignite a spark of passion in your man with the right type of text message style.  With the wrong style however, you can turn him off to you.  To be successful with text messages you should therefore send well thought out messages that spark his attraction.   Here are three quick tips for how to get your texting style to where he’ll be attracted not repulsed.

Don’t initiate

These days women are becoming more aggressive in taking the lead in relationships.  They are more forward and not afraid to take the lead and initiate with the man and even drive the relationship to where they want it to go.  Men are used to this but it’s not to say that it turns them on or that they like it.  While they do like to know when a woman is interested, they don’t want the woman to aggressively take control over where things are going and assume the classic male role.

So how do you show interest without being aggressive and turning him off?  The best way is to be subtle when it comes to texting.  Don’t initiate texts with him on a regular basis.  Don’t chase him on text and try to find out what he is up to or how his day is going.  Instead, let him think of you and initiate most of the time.  When he does initiate, is when you have your chance to show him you are interested back.  By letting him take the lead with the texting you will stand out from the way many girls behave and that can make him want more.  If he always wants more of your attention it can make him addicted.

Avoid relaying mundane information

If you really like a man you’ll have an innate desire to always keep in touch with him and know what he is doing.  This feels natural to women and they want to bond by always keeping in touch however it is not how the male mind works at all.  He does not want mundane text messages from you all day long.  It does not make him miss you or be attracted to you.  It’s boring and motherly or as they say smothering for him to get the daily blow by blow of what happened.  He doesn’t need to know if you almost choked on a jelly bean on the snack you ate after lunch today.  It’s too much detail and not sexy whatsoever.

Stop texting mundane information and minutes about what errands you ran and so forth.  Go missing on those details instead.  Let him be curious about what you did rather than giving him the blow by blow.   When you do text, text him in an unpredictable manner so that he can’t expect a text from you and will be pleasantly surprised and interested whenever he gets one from you.

Trigger playful thoughts

To get him addicted you’ll want to always trigger positive imaginative thoughts and trigger his passionate side.  Take him away from the boring details of the day and make him think about something else.  Men are visual but you needn’t send him sext images or anything overly provocative or explicit. 

Something fun, or flirtatious and simple will get his visual imagination rolling and he’ll be really thinking about you.  Text him out of the blue how you though about a romantic time you spend together or remind him of something passionate you did together.  You can let him know he is on your mind with something flirtatious but still classy. 

A simple example would be to tell him not just what’s for dinner but add in that you have a new outfit to go with it and look forward to seeing him later.  Something that sparks his playful imagination and gets him thinking about you will trigger his passion.  A man would probably be more interested in your choice of Halloween costume than he would be in what bill you paid earlier today.  You want him to be thinking about you in a romantic way.  You want to be the one that can enjoy life and be a pleasure to talk to.

Leave him alone on text message and let him take the lead.  With women getting more powerful he will enjoy not being pushed or bossed around.  Don’t give him boring unnecessary information all the time on text message because that sort of thing he will tune out and not be eager to see.  Instead, leave him alone and let him come to you when he has a break and wants to touch base.  At that point let him take the lead in the conversation. 

Don’t be afraid to show him your playful side and be able to talk about fun and interesting things, flirt a little bit and give him a break from the daily grind of life.  Instead of having him know what you did all day you want to have him wondering what you did all day.  Be that woman who instead of getting him more stressed out, is the one who can help him enjoy the simple things in life.  If he’s thinking about you and left curious about what you might be up to, then you are going to foster his attraction.


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