How to make him Addicted to you

The beginning of a new relationship is a time of excitement and butterflies. If he likes you and you like him after a first date, you should recieve a text message from him shortly after the date followed by a phone call. Now, you want him to continue to think about you 24/7 so your romance can take off and not fizzle.

In a culture of hookups and casual relationships, catching a guy and getting him hooked on you is a feat. It’s like you are competing against the casual dating culture and a sea of women. If you want him to love you for who you are then be yourself, but on your best behavior. Boundries and behavior patterns are best established early on so he knows what to expect. Trying to change them after the fact is near impossible compared to setting things right at the outset.

Here are a few texting tips to help him fall for you and get wrapped around your little texting fingers.

Stay Busy

Men have a curious way of knowing when you are too hung up on them and it causes them to think there is either something wrong with you or treat you look a doormat. Don’t respond to his text messages before he has even finished typing. Wait a few minutes, read and think about what he said before responding. You want to appear busy whether you are or not. He should be feeling like your response is a tasty little morsal and not like your response is an instant onslaught.

Don’t interrogate him

Don’t interrogate your new love interest. This means you should act interested in his life but tread gently around what he wants to talk about. If you chronologically harrang him and squueze his resume out of him with all your questions he is going to spit up and run.

Also, don’t whine and launch an accusation even if you want to. So frustrating but even if he called too late or messed up you should do the exact opposite of directly questioning him and become less available instead. Men also despise being questioned and interrogated about relationship status early on. It’s progressive and you should try to give at least some time to see where things progress.

You can monitor progress by his actions and you don’t need to put him in the interrogation room early on. His actions are going to speak louder than his words. Let him know you know how to keep your cool while things play out because I assure you that is what he is doing.

Look Good

From the college level to the divorce years, competition for the best men is so fierce! Part of this will be because you want a guy that meets your physical and career status and maybe you are aiming high. But part is that the culture these days is set to dating around not committing. There is also the problem that the economy sucks and this has changed the dating landscape.

First dinner dates have been changed to Starbucks meet and greets for the economically challenged. That means that your first impressions are important and you need to make them fast. Act interested and look your best. That means, wearing feminine clothes, smelling clean and fresh with a touch of makeup to enhance your natural beauty. This is the image you want sealed into his skull when he leaves a date with you.

Feel Good

Men biologically search for the fittest females, capable of giving them their children. They want someone who looks active and healthy. This means, you should be taking care of your health and be on top of how you feel. If you are happy and effervecscent he will love it. Men want to go on a date and be swept away and forget about their problems too.

Your job is to feel good about yourself and make him feel good when he is around you. This will draw him in. Remember that it is not just about looks. Yes, he must be attracted. But after that he needs to feel chemistry and an emotional attraction to you. He needs to feel in his gut like he wants to be around you and that gut feeling is what is going to make him text you and call you for plans. If you get him attracted to both your looks and your personality he will feel compelled to text you and call you and won’t be able to stop himself.


As shallow as it is, making a first and lasting impression with your appearance is key. You need to wow him and knock yourself permanently into his brain scape. Yes it is work to get ready for dates and some women just figure, I’ll just throw something on. Especially if it is a first date or blind date, they assume that it may wind up as a dud date so they don’t make that extra effort to try to look great. This is a mistake. Try to look your very best because should he happen to be the one or someone you wind up involved with, you want that memory of the first get together to be a really good one in his mind.

You think of the first meeting as just a meeting. But if you fall for each other it becomes an important memory. So, be a little superficial and look your knockout best for that date just in case it’s the date of a life time. Yes, it may be nothing, but at least you gambled and tried.

To compete with the competition you have to go above and beyond. If you happen to look like a supermodel then more power to you because you are going to look great in a tank top, cutoffs and flip flops. But if you are like the rest of us and your looks aren’t perfect then you need to work them to the maximum advantage. Read some magazines and makeup tips and make sure you are showing your assets as best you can.

A conservative but slightly sexy look will come off the best. Don’t let it all hang out. Little details like natural looking makeup, soft hair and whitened teeth can help make your lasting impression. Men notice a women’s legs so keep them hair free. Wear concealer over any blemishes so your skin glows. Soft hair is also important. Remember, men are men, so anything feminine from a pair of earings to a soft silky fabric will set into their memories (and fall out as a text message later). You want them to be smitten.

Inflate his ego

One very important way to get him to text you like crazy is to inflate his ego a little bit. Especially on a first date, men are not always sure if you liked him. Him calling you after that first date is your first choice. Him texting you after that first date is your second choice. Calling and texting you after a first meeting is not only about his first impression of you. His radar is up and he will have made an assessment as to whether he thinks you’d be receptive to the phone call. If he is not sure you might get a text instead of a call since he is feeling out the waters to see if you continue to seem interested.

Usually, two things have to happen in order for him to call you. He has to have been attracted to your looks and personality is one of them. The second, is that he has to think that you were likewise interested in him. If those two things meet, you might get a phone call not a text message. He liked you and he thinks you liked him, so he has no hesitation to call you a few days after the date.

In order for him to get that second point that you are interested, you have to be very very clear on that first date. You can almost say it by your actions. Compliment him, say you enjoyed the date allot and loved talking to him, look him in the eyes when you say good bye and touch him even if its to grab his hand or reciprocate a hug. Your goal is to make sure he understands and has confidence that you’d be receptive to seeing him again.

If you are able to hand over compliments and be upbeat about your meeting, he will see you as a confident girl. This will draw him in to you more and he will be drawn to contact you. Let him know you are interested, and then leave the follow up to him. If he is not sure about you, expect a text followup to the initial meeting. This is his way to test the waters to see if you are into it without having to risk a phone call. Again, respond positively to the text so he has the confidence to give you a real phone call.

Remember to look your best and act your best from the outset to set the first impression and get things spiraling off into a positive direction. Setting the direction right will improve your chances of his becoming addicted to you. You want to put your best foot forward and give an impression that you are attractive, confident, cool headed, feminine, and super fun to be around.


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