How to make him miss you so that he texts and calls more often

If you want your boyfriend or crush to call and text you more often there are a few simple tricks and strategies to employ.  One thing is that it really won’t help to contact him all the time.  If you are always in touch then he will take you for granted and lose interest in getting in touch with you.  After all, you’re teaching him that he doesn’t have to bother.  If you always contact him and he doesn’t have to lift a finger to find out what you are up to, he won’t.  He doesn’t need to ask you anything because he knows if he just waits you’ll wind up telling him.

Be a mystery

Women tend to reveal way too much information early on in a relationship with a man.  If he is able to find out your life story in a few phone calls or weeks of dating his interest level in you will drop.  The novelty of a relationship can wear off quickly for a man.  Leave personal information at the door and let him learn about you slowly.  This will extend his interest period while letting him work a bit to get to know you well. 

If you like him immensely don’t blabber it out prematurely by wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Don’t tell him he’s the one after a few dates or months of dating.  Having a woman act too in to him before she really knows him can be a turn off to a man.

Be a good listener

Women can talk about themselves too much.  For example let’s say a man asks you about prior relationships you’ve had.  Rather than launch into a detailed excavation of why prior relationships didn’t work out, you could keep it lighter and less detailed.  Then turn it around and ask him about himself.  Let him talk.  Men like a woman who is sincerely interested in them, not just all about herself.  Make sure to be a better listener than a talker and he will most likely seek out conversations with you more. 

Don’t have expectations

Did you know that men fantasize most often about being intimate with total strangers?  Women bond though knowing someone well but men have idealistic ideas almost opposite at times.  Men want things to magically happen out of spontaneity more than anything else.  If you constantly have to talk about the status of your relationship and where things are going he will likely get put off.  Try not to have, define, or force expectations of the relationship and play into his fantasy mind of letting things happen as they will.

Reduce your availability

As much as you want to see someone you like, it can help to reduce your availability.  Don’t accept last minute dates or plans with him.  Even if you have a boring plan in place and would prefer to see him, it could benefit you not to cancel your plans for him.  If you jump when he says jump he will not have to work at setting up times to see or speak to you.  What a man has to work at he values the most. 

If you regularly turn yourself into a pretzel for him at the drop of a hat you’ll be teaching him not to place you at a high value and consequently he won’t appreciate you as much.  If you don’t hear from him then make your own plans and don’t cancel them if he deigns to appear at a moments notice.  Only see him when it suits you.  If you see him on a moments notice only on occasion it can be OK since it shows him you are capable of being spontaneous.  Yet never, ever, make it a pattern to be a doormat and always available lest he start using you as a backup plan when he has nothing better going on.  If you’re busy, you’re busy and don’t change that for him just because he says jump.

Stop talking before he does

Don’t whine and complain at him about how much you miss him.  Instead do the opposite.  Get busy with your own life however boring it will be.  If you’re browsing the aisles of a store for example, don’t stop what you’re doing to take a time out to talk to him for an hour rather than do what you were doing.  Instead, talk briefly then let him know I can’t talk right now I gotta do this shopping!  Don’t be afraid to end conversations first as it will leave him wanting more. 

Weirdly, the less you are available to talk to him the more he will want to talk to you.  If he knows that any time he calls or texts you’ll respond immediately and make yourself available to chat with him then he will start to use you as the person to converse with when he’s bored.  You don’t want to take the playing hard to get game to any sort of extreme.  But a subtle indication that you have a life and won’t put it on hold for him can increase your sex appeal.  So keep your life and let him work a little bit to fit into it.  If you do that, you might see him text, call and take the initiative to communicate with you more often.


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