How to pull a womanizer

A womanizer is a practiced charmer out for adventurous relationships that don’t involve monogamy.  Most women want monogamy so there will be a conflick of interest with just about every woman he comes across. A womanizer lives for the moment and enjoys gaming on many different women so much that it becomes a bonafide way of life for him. 

Because everyone has to date to get to know someone, a womanizer is a wolf dater hidden in a nice guys clothing and you often don’t see what he is about until you have already become intimately involved.  Once a woman is deeply involved with a womanizer she is naturally bonded to him and it is hard to leave, which is precisely what the womanizer takes advantage of.  He patiently watches her flail through the various stages of trying to get him to commit to her all the while knowing that it won’t work. 

The only way to pull a womanizer is to either be so out of his league that he comes and chases you down, or be totally uninterested in him altogether.  The moment your interest level in him exceeds his interest level in you, controls the relationship completely.  He controls how intimate it becomes and how long it lasts for.  A womanizer is always is working on his funnel of women so waiting in the wings for him is someone new should you decide you can’t copy with his lifestyle.  You’re on your way out, someone new is on their way in because that is the mode of operation of a womanizer.

Womanizers and guys that only text you for plans have too much in common

Womanizers appear frequently on this text message relationship web site because they are the very ones that use text message to run their relationships.  A womanizer is a master at taking a promising phone call and dating relationship and demoting it downward into a text messaging and hooking up relationship without the woman ever seeing this tell-tale transition coming.

Do you think you will be the one to pull a womanizer in?  Think again.  If you think you can pull a womanizer off the singles market by being incredibly nice to him, giving him sex, pretending you don’t care what he does, acting casual, dating other people since he is, or turning a blind eye to his other women, think again. A womanizer always has women going in and out of his funnel and losing you will not rock his never ending dating life whatsoever.

Womanizers are practiced liars

A womanizer learns how to operate woman and practices his skills routinely.  It is a near certainty that he has more experience in deceit and manipulation than you do.  You won’t win.  Womanizers are used to getting their way and they have really high standards as to who they would take out as a genuine girlfriend.  Becoming a sex partner to a womanizer is a far easier task because all you have to do is pass some threshold of attraction with him.  But becoming his real life girlfriend beyond just being a fake girlfriend to him when he first starts seeing you, is not likely at all. 

A womanizer has ridiculously high standards for a girlfriend

A womanizers standards for real girlfriend material (not a fake girlfriend who he pretends to be a boyfriend to for a couple of months then moves on once she develops expectations) are going to be sky high.  The majority of girls can not, and won’t know how, to pull him in for good.  He enjoys his lifestyle and isen’t keen to change it at all.  You and he might have great attraction.  In fact, he would not be dating you or getting intimate with you if he wasn’t attracted to you in the first place.  But the minute that he feels a spark of a relationship coming on, he just won’t want it to go further. 

A womanizer sensing the oncoming expectations of a relationship, will either stop meeting you immediately, or stall the relationship with string along tactics to drag it on longer so he can still have his hooks in for sex until you get fed up.  Stalling means he will become very busy and not able to see you more than once a week if that.  He will become hard to get in touch with.  He will become flaky about plans with you.  He will ask for plans only sporadically and at the last minute to keep you off guard.  He will have excuse after excuse as to why things can’t progress if you confront him.  He’s busy, he is just out of a relationship, you deserve better and blah, blah, blah-biddy-blah.   In reality he is just employing a tactic to disable his relationship with you from progressing.

The only way a girl can really pull a womanizer is to be very hard to get.  And that means, hard to get for real.  She has to be hard to get from the outset, not hard to get after he has already had his way with her.  She just is not interested in him or his games from square zero.  This presents a challenge to a womanizer because he is used to getting what he wants.  When he can’t, there is longing and his mind starts to manipulate itself into ways to have you.  He won’t be able to figure it out but trust me that not being able to have a girl makes a womanizer want to pull her in.  If he succeeds in pulling her, her value may fade after a while and she ultimately just becomes another one of his girls.

The only way to pull a womanizer

Dating advice sites offer women tricks to pull a womanizer, such as being hard to get.  The problem is, that if you are trying to play games and fake non-interest to pull a womanizer he will see right through it.  Womanizers can smell desperate, lonely, and game playing women for miles.  It’s really the woman that doesn’t want him that can pull him.  You absolutely can’t pretend to not want him when you really do want him, and think it will work.  Playing hard to get in an effort to pull a womanizer that you really have fallen for is a total lost cause.  Instead of seeing you as hard to get he will see you as desperately flailing and chasing him.

Getting fed up with a womanizer

Many women after being cheated on and used by a womanizer, become fed up with his promiscuous and duplicitous ways.  At that point they become that very woman that a womanizer can’t have because they get so disgusted by his continued behavior that they are done.  They have had it.  Sadly the rub is, that womanizer has already had his way with this woman so she no longer presents a challenge.  He’s been there and done that.  He has already conquered her and he already knows she accepted poor treatment and now is washed up and wised up on it.  So, it is not the same.  He can’t have the woman who leaves him in disgust, but it doesn’t matter because he does not want her anyways.

Hanging on to a fantasy of getting into a real relationship with a womanizer

A womanizer won’t even get involved with you at all unless there is attraction there from the start.  So don’t kid yourself into thinking that attraction means something bigger.  Never assume you can take that attraction (just because you passed muster) and turn it into pulling a relationship out of him.  It is unlikely to happen.   If you have fallen for a womanizer and are trying to play hard to get games to make him think you aren’t interested as a tactic, it is a wasted mission.  Trying to pull a womanizer is a total waste of time.  The only woman that can pull him, is the one he truly can’t have.   The world is full of men, so many of them.  Ask yourself why you are so tied to sleeping with this one or pulling a relationship out of this one, when he is a natural cheater by definition.

Wasting precious time on a womanizer

Sometimes a women falls for a womanizer but she doesn’t want to lose.  So she continues to bang her head up against a wall trying to make him commit while he dates out.  In the end she wastes an incredible amount of precious time and money trying to pull him and failing.  She tries to crawl into his brain and asks herself why the next woman and not her.  It’s mental.  If he does fall for the next woman maybe it is because he wanted this woman and decided to change for her.  You can’t control who he commits to and why.   Take heart that even if a womanizer seemingly commits over night to another woman, odds are he may go back to his womanizing ways in time.  A leopard can’t change his spots so easily.

The best advice for dealing with a womanizer is to call him on the mats the very second you figure him out.  Sure maybe you’ve been had and are just another one in a long line of his notch victims.  But you can’t cry over the past.  You can’t hate yourself because you fell for a con man. All you can do is treat him like dirt by excising him out of your life without anesthesia once you see his true colors.  Don’t look back.  Move forward.

How to pull a womanizer


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