How to quit texting

If you are reading this web site than I’ll assume that you may have some issues with either your own texting habits or the habits of a love interest. Maybe you realize that you are having an obsessive or addictive texting problem. Usually, the compulsive texting is linked to an overall obsession with a single individual, like spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or ex. There are also people who just find themselves texting all the time to whomever will listen.

If you have a compulsive texting habit, you have to understand that it really is an addiction. Normal non-texters don’t understand texting and smart phone addiction and therefore they underestimate how texting can become an addictive hard to stop habit. It really can be an addiction. As with any compulsive habit like drinking, drugs, gambling, smoking, porn, kleptomania, etc, quiting can be extremely difficult. This web site is going to provide you with plenty of information and ideas for identifying your bad texting habit and quitting it. Everything from simple tips to recognize the problem to a twelve step quit texting program to stop texting.

The first step is to realize you have a problem. Look for the obvious red flags. If you are sending more than say a dozen texts a day to someone (on a regular basis) then you most likely have a problem. If your phone bill shows you sending out hundreds of texts a month you have a problem. If you are texting someone substantially more than they are texting you, then you have a problem. If someone told you to stop texting them and you can’t stop then you have a problem. If you are sending out long winded series of ten or more text messages to say something then you have a problem.

If you get angry and psyco text a person to lay into them over something they did you have a problem. If you are begging someone to make up with you by sending a multitude of texts you have a texting problem. If you are deluging someone with love texts you have a problem. If you are reading or composing texts while you are driving a car (even if you are at the stop sign) then you have a problem. If your relationship had dates and phone calls and has suddenly been downgraded to text you have a problem.

If your primary way of communicating with someone is by text then you have a problem. Anything excessive in so far as texts, number of texts, and only communicating by texts is a red flag for you. If you are snooping someones phone trying to read their texts you’ve got a problem. If you are texting to the point of ignoring the friends you happen to be with then you have a problem.

If any of the above scenarios sound like you then you have come to the right place. The first step is recognizing that you have a problem with texting. Then you can start to really look at what is going on in your relationships. Often times, the problem happens when one person likes the other person substantially more than vice versa. An imbalance of interest is often at the root of a texting problem and then the texting stems from insecurity about that relationship. You are trying to text up your relationship and trust me it does not work.

On this web site I will give you a multitide of tools and tips to curb and/or quit your texting. Everything from examining your text patterns, to changing them to quittting completely. These ideas and also just reading how bad texting will negatively affect your relationships will help you turn your compulsive texting habit around by 180 degrees.

Quitting texting is similar in a way to quitting smoking. Some techniques work for some people and not for others. You have to identify the problem and then examine the pattern of your texting, understand why you are doing it and whats triggering it, and then take steps to stop. This might mean cutting back for a period of time and it might mean quitting cold turkey.

I found that cutting back and looking more closely at what I was doing helped. You can go through a phase out period. As you become more aware of what you are doing and the damage it is causing on your relationships you’ll be able to change your behavior. If you are stalking someone already then obviously you don’t have the luxury of slowly cutting back so you’ll have to quit texting cold turkey to ensure that you don’t get into legal trouble.

The biggest revelation you’ll make is that texting won’t solve or improve your relationship problems. Once you fully realize it isen’t helping your cause you’ll be able to cut back if not stop completely. Don’t make the same texting mistakes I made.


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