How to understand why men don’t Text

Especially when you first meet a man if he does not call or shoot you a quick text message soon after meeting he likely was not too smitten by you.

With a man you have just recently met you have to consider the real possibility that he never intended to ring your text in the first place. He could have merely been flirting on line or out and about with friends. Its just an ego booster to acquire a girls number and say you’ll call or send a text. He could be already dating another female, already someones boyfriend, not really single or just not that interested.

If you were the one initiating he could have played along out of mere flirtation and politeness mixed in. Even if you had a first date or something like that a man will usually end it by saying he will give you a call. He always wants to try and end things on a positive upbeat note. But that in no way is an indication that he intends to call you. He could easily ponder it a bit later and decide that you really aren’t his type and then blow it off.

Sometimes men don’t call because they are insecure or not entirely sure of your actual interest level in them. This is rare though and usually coming up with this as an excuse as to why he didn’t call is reaching for the stars. If you feel that you didn’t convey enough interest in him on a date therefore causing him to not call or text you, then you can correct the problem. Just send a nice text and he will get the message that yes you are in fact interested. If you accidentally gave a non interested signal this touching base will let him know it’s a go. If he was interested he will quickly pick up bait and ask you out or take initiative. If he just banters back on text and goes nowhere with it, then let it go because you’ve just become the man and he’s still luke warm on you. You gave a corrective try but anything beyond that is pushy and he will contemplate you as only a potential lay.

In the future always show enough interest level in a man you like so that he will have confidence to call or text you if he liked you. If you leave him confused or unsure after a date you might not get the call. Confusion can be caused by a luke warm good bye or weird good bye hug after an initial date. If you liked him or think you might like him make sure to convey it positively and don’t leave any doubt in his mind. That way, you’ll get a call if he liked you no matter what.

If you don’t get the call or text, then you start to dream up absurb reasons with your girlfrinds that are useless mental m-sterbation. Seriously, odds of him losing your phone number and not calling are slim to none. In this day and age he can get onto any of the social networking sites such as facebook and hunt you down in mere minuts so the whole lost the number thing ain’t gonna fly. Besides nowadays when people take numbers they usually put them right into their cell phone contact lists. In the last decade I think I lost one guys number from my contact list when it got dropped accidentally. Even then I probably could have recovered it from my Verizon bill had I really wanted to. The I lost your number excuse is something that happens like once in 10 years.

Changes in his texting patterns after you already have some sort of relationship brewing is a different topic and usually indicates a slackening of interest on his part. Believe it or not, text frequency is a totally great indicator of whether you are on a mans mind or not. As toxically addictive as texting is, it really does tell you if a man likes you or not. Texting you for no reason to say hi how’s your day is the best text you can get and it usually means you are right on the tip of his mind where you want to be.


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