How to use Push/Pull to create attraction and make her more attracted to you

Using a bit of push and pull in your relationship with her can help make her more attracted to you. As pickup artists well know, the alpha male has a mind of his own and can walk away from a relationship with a particular woman without looking back. He understands that there is an abundance of women and if it doesn’t work out with her there is more where she came from. This core ability to walk a way from a relationship creates attraction in women. He isen’t needy and he doesn’t need her – that is an alpha male trait.

Create attraction with the pickup artist technique of push and pull

Push and pull mixes in attraction and the opposite of attraction to create a tension and even a sexual tension with her. Push means pushing her away. It doesn’t mean physically pushing her, it is more of an emotional push. For example, be less attentive or less affectionate or even less available. As you do this, her instincts kick in and she starts to hamster wheel in confusion as to why you are hot then going cold. The obsession creates a fear of loss, makes her think about you constantly, and you got it, it creates attraction.

Pull is the opposite of push and that means that you are giving her good attention and showing her that you are really interested in her. This can happen when you first meet her or when you are courting her and attempting to escalate your relationship to a physical relationship. When you use a little push pull it gives her intrigue, excitement and mystery. A woman will have good chemistry with a man that gives her a challenge and good mystery.  Suddenly you aren’t wrapped around her little finger acting all obedient.

A good example of a pull is a compliment. Women love compliments so if you praise her and make her feel special it can be considered a pull. Too many compliments however, can make her expect the princess treatment and take you for granted. People are attracted to what they can’t have or what takes work to obtain. So to create that you can’t have me aura the push works. A example of a push might be to tease her about something, or get busy and be unavailable for a time.

The standard is to keep a fair balance of push and pull. When you need to draw her back in you pull, and when you want to get distance or she gives you attitude, push. Sometimes you can use push pull in exact opposite of her mood to create some sexual tension. A mixture of push and pull sparks chemistry.

For example, if she is acting too attracted and clingy you can go opposite of her mood and push. She’s expecting you to chase after her but you do something unexpected and refuse to. You’ve got better things to do.  This shows her that if she takes you for granted you won’t be sitting around pining over her. She learns she has to think twice before blowing you off and winds up working harder to please you. If she is acting too distanced and you decide you need to pull her back in then do a pull.

Push pull and text game

Push/pull works great when it comes to making your text game effective with her. If she starts to text you like crazy and act like a nut then push. Just don’t engage and ignore her for a while, not returning her texts. If you feel she’s losing attraction or becoming inattentive then do a pull and text her out of the blue asking if she wants to hang out. Women fall for bad boys because they are a challenge to them. Alpha males are unpredictable and get her mental wheel running on overdrive. Using push/pull with your text game will create that attraction and make you a bad boy challenge for her.

Being a bit unreliable and spontaneous with your texting habits gives her a good dose of push pull. If you always answer every text seconds after she sends it then the text pattern will become boring. Get too busy to text, respond fast sometimes and slow others. Go MIA and then reappear.  If you make sure that at least some of the time is the one contacting you or texting first then you know that your text game is effective.  Being unavailable at times will train her that you have a life and it make her more responsive to you. When you do text, she’ll respond quickly because she values hearing from you.

Texting in a very predictable pattern and texting her daily just to say hello becomes monotonous and stale.  She’ll come to expect it and her heart won’t miss a beat when she hears from you since she’s hearing from you all the time.  Make sure to mix it up. The goal is to make her heart leap with excitement when she gets a golden text from you. You don’t want her thinking, oh its him again he just keeps texting me.

Push pull is mostly emotional but can also be physical if it is mild. For example, if you are a little fickle about giving her physical attention she will be analyzing what she did or didn’t do right and trying to understand you and figure you out all the time.  She’s not sure what it takes to get you turned on so she’s constantly obsessing and that’s right, thinking about you.  She’s investing in you.  You don’t need to be abusive or be a jerk so be careful to keep your sensitivity when using this push and pull attraction tip. If you push too much she will just think you are mean. If you pull too much you can lead her on and wind up hurting her.

Women love a challenge and they love to win a man that is sought after by other women. If she has to work harder for you she will be more attracted to you. Chemistry is key and a bit of push/pull game can help.

Make her attracted with Push/Pull


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