How to win him back if another woman stole your man

Did your man get stolen by the other woman?  While another woman may have come in and stabbed you in the back swooping on your man, you must realize one thing.  He left.  He did have a choice and while she may have tempted him you technically cannot steal a man.  The man has to want to go and he is clearly part of the decision.  Women blame the other woman but to a large extent all she represents is temptation and he allowed himself to stray and choose her over you.

Therefore, think long and hard before even wanting to win him back.  If he was easily willing to leave you for someone else then clearly he didn’t value your relationship and chances are he would do this again to you in a heartbreak if the perfect opportunity arose again. 

That being said, there are a few tactics you can employ if you have thought it over and still want to try and win him back from the other woman.  There are reasons to do this.  For example, if you were having problems he may have left because he was upset with you or trying to get back at you.  If you think he still loves you underneath it all then there may be a chance to win him back.

Back off a little bit

If you’ve been having a lot of angry, bitter, hysterical, emotional, or crying contact with your man you must back off a bit if you want him back.  Give him some space and let him wonder what happened to you.  Let the negative energy dissipate away.  While it is true that he is busy moving on with someone else, eventually the honeymoon phase in his new relationship might end and he could find himself missing you.  If you’ve backed off then he might be wondering what happened to you even more.  You want him to wonder what you are up to.

Reach out to him gently

After some time has passed and you are ready to make contact you can gently let him know that you have been wondering how he is.  Don’t fight just let him know with a simple text message that you have been thinking of him.  If you are mentally cool with it, you can tell him that you miss him.  You can even tell him that you hoped that the two of you would remain friends.  The idea is to leave him alone for a while and then plant this little seed with a text message letting him know he is on your mind.  This gives him the opening to contact you back without being scared that he will get into some sort of fight again with you.

Remember to never go over the top in contacting him.  You can send him a message every now and then and just act friendly but not pushy.  Basically you need to get over whatever fights you had and get cool with the idea of opening the door to a friendship.  Obviously this sets the stage to you two talking and once that happens you never know.  One thing might lead to the next and you might get him back.  The first step is to establish some sort of friendship communication with him where you aren’t talking about anything heavy.

Let his new girlfriend get suspicious

Eventually his new girlfriend will get wind of the fact that he has had some sort of contact with you.  She probably feels insecure in the first place since she knows she stole him from you.  Knowing that he still keeps in touch with you know is going to create resentment and fear in her.  Eventually she will confront him and tell him she doesn’t want him to have any contact with you at all.  She will pull the choke chain on him and the thing is that men absolutely hate being put on a choke chain by a woman.  He’ll accuse her of being petty and paranoid and they might bicker about it.

Eventually some resentment will grow both in her because he insists on staying in touch with you and in him because he resents being controlled by her.  If their relationship was a rebound one or started off quickly this might create a first tear in their union.  If he grows to resent her control he is going to be all the more craving freedom and the chance to contact you since all of a sudden you have become the tantalizing forbidden fruit. 

Decide whether you could ever trust him again

If all other opportunity to get him back has failed, try the tactic described here as your last resort.  Back off yet stay in touch with him on a friendly basis.  If they develop problems, particularly because he still contacts you, then he might find his way back to you.  He might decide that he wants to be with you after all.  Be careful what you wish for however, because if he has demonstrated that another woman can tempt him away, it is likely that the situation will re-occur. 

If he does come back take it slowly because you don’t want to become the other woman to his new woman.  Take your time getting to know him again so you can be sure his new woman is out of the picture completely.  Try to avoid behaviors that caused your breakup in the first place.  Don’t confront him or argue with him about the past.  Work hard on your beauty, health and other interests so that you are being productive while this process takes place since he may be with her for a while before problems surface in paradise. 

Be proactive in cheering yourself up

If you feel depressed watching him seemingly happy with someone new consider getting a puppy or pet to cheer you up, or throw yourself into turning over a leaf in your own life by engaging in a variety of social and athletic activities.  Appreciation for those that do love you, and working out to reduce the stress, are both known to be beneficial in this situation. Your goal should be to keep gently in touch with him so as to keep the door open while meanwhile working on yourself so that regardless of what happens you are a better person for it.


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