If you can’t stop thinking about her then you may need to meet more girls

Do you have that feeling where you just can’t stop thinking about one particular girl?  You may have been chasing her forever and you think about her practically all day long.  She’s so amazing in your mind and you don’t think anyone can compare.  You think about her skin, face, hair, voice and body.  Whenever you see her it just makes you happy. When you don’t see her you go absolutely crazy.  When she’s nice to you then you feel a natural high and when she ignores you then you feel a natural low.


Every guy seems to have that one girl who he obsesses over.  He likes her so much that he may even spend hours a day thinking of his success in getting her to be his.  Well those obsessive feelings are coming from somewhere.  If you can’t easily get the girl it fosters obsession.  She’s like a toy or surprise package that you just can’t get. 

Obsession usually starts when a girl fits you ideal looks and you can’t have her for whatever reason.  She’s like a rare toy and you just can’t seem to make her yours.  Powerful obsession comes from seeing something you want and being unable to get it.  You have to struggle and work and try to get it but it is out of your reach.  You keep trying and investing more and more mental energy all the while becoming more obsessing.  It is the process of the chase that fees the obsession.

If you were collecting baseball cards and every time you wanted one certain card it was never in the silver foil wrapped pack you purchased, you’d go nuts.  You’d keep buying baseball cards hoping you’d get the one you desire.  Or, if you want a certain color toy out of the quarter toy machine but it is too far up and you just can’t the color you want no matter how many quarters you put into the machine.

Wake up and put your efforts into the girls around you

If you take any advice from the pick up artist community it should be the one important piece of advice that you should adopt the attitude that any girl is replacable.  Of course that may not be true however the sooner you have an attitude of abundance the sooner you’ll have a shot at the girl you are obsessed with.  Chasing after her won’t work.  Being a catch to the other women around you will.

If you find yourself totally obsessed over one girl and she persistently permeates your thoughts then you really won’t be very attractive to the girl.  Girls also want guys that are out of their league and if they have a guy who is there like a puppy dog they won’t be turned onto the obsession.  It won’t be romantic in her eyes but rather stalker like.  Players a smooth and suave and they rarely if ever get obsessed with one girl.  They are able to move on and are always open to meeting new girls.  They very fact that they don’t need a girl and can replace her at any time makes a girl vie for his affection.

Even if you aren’t a player you can still fake it until you make it.  If a girl is becoming a poisen obsession for you then you really need to meet other girls.  Meet the other girls around you and give girls that like you and want to date you a chance.  Busy yourself with other women.  If she is perfection personified then you need to start meeting a lot of other girls and fast.  The worse thing you can do is sit home and make one girl be the center point of your focus to the point where it consumes you.

Date different girls because it will cause a distraction.  Any sort of momentum away from inertia and obsession is a good thing.  It will help you stop thinking about her.  It will help you realize that there are plenty of other new and interesting girls around that you can meet.  Most importantly you are going to sharpen your dating skills my meeting other girls and seeing how you do with them.  The best way to get the girl you are interested in to pay attention is to stop paying attention to her!  She could even get jealous when she realizes you aren’t there anymore like a doormat boosting her ego.

She’s not the only girl in the world

If you want to stop thinking of one particular girl then take the advice that the pick up community has to offer.  Date other girls and get to know them.  You’ll become a better dater and be less emotionally invested into one girl.  The minute you are too emotionally invested you lose control of the relationship.  It’s the person who is the least interested that always has the upper hand.  Therefore if you date other people and have an attitude of abundance of choices you won’t become enslaved by one girl.  Bingo, that very result is what you need for her to be attracted to you!


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