I’m not addicted to texting, I’m addicted to the person that I am texting

I’m not addicted to texting,
I’m addicted to the person that I am texting

Some texters just get addicted to texting as a way of communicating with all of their friends. It’s an annoying habit but constant texting is pervasive and popular with the younger high school and college students. It’s even popular with adults, particular those texting in a romance or online dating situation. There’s the problem of merely texting too much as an annoyance, and then the problem of becoming obsessive about one particular person that you text. Both (texting too much in general, or texting mostly one person you’re obsessed with) are bad yet becoming obsessed over and texting one person is the more dangerous. This is were it leads into relationships, and obsessive ones at that. In many cases it’s unrequited love that creates the obsession.

I’m not addicted to texting, I’m addicted to the person that I am texting even has a page on facebook for fans of texting.  It’s a great quote and so very true.  In most cases if you are seriously addicted to texting it is linked to a particular person that you are texting.  Texting is a form of badgering, harassing and stalking and it’s so easy to do yet such a hard habit to break. With almost a million facebook likes and nearly forty thousand people and counting talking about it, you can see that many agree.

If you text too much in general the way to cut back is to keep track of your total texts each month and work towards a reduction in text volume overall.  The biggest danger in constant texting is that you can get into an accident while texting or ignore the people and things going on around you.  If you are obsessed with texting one person the easiest thing to do is to start working on the 48 hour rule. That means, no texts to that person for 48 hours. Once you can do that you can gradually stop texting and anyone can stop no matter how addicted.  This blog should give you plenty of material that can help you stop texting.  Don’t let texting erode relationships you care about or hurt others around you.


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