Internet dating profile tips for men

Texting etiquette plays a huge role in online dating. Just as soon as you exchange emails on a dating site you move onto text message. Text is a major way that daters keep in touch and communicate. That being said, the more a woman is attracted to you up front, the less work you have to put into your text approach. If she likes you up front, all you have to do is be yourself and communicating will come naturally. To get that smooth flow to the texts and phone calls, you’ll want her to like you. That means, she has to like your profile. The more she likes your profile the easier its going to be to communicate with her, get her number, text her and call her up for dates. The better your profile is in attracting her, the easier your texting approach will become. Here are some tips for attracted lots of women online and building up your contact list with dates.

If you are single and dating you probably have joined into the online dating craze. If you have a good dating profile you should be able to capture the interest of plenty of women. Once you do, if you have the tools to take it from that first email you sent onward, you should have no problem getting some phone numbers of pretty women to date. If you are confident you should be able to ask for and obtain a woman’s phone numbers after 3-4 emails are exchanged. At that point, you can text her to touch base and then call her up on the phone. Be direct and don’t get caught up into too many emails or text messages, which will make it less likely she will flake out or move on to chatting with someone else.

If you happen to be a billionaire bachelor or look like Matthew McConaughey, the online dating scene will be like ordering up women on demand. Actually, if you were one of those types you wouldn’t need to be on line! Laughs aside, for the average man you are going to want to make yourself stand out online to the extent you can. If you have a mediocre profile you might find yourself rotting online for a year without a single woman taking up initiative and writing you. You’ll have to do absolutely all the work. If however, you up the stakes and make a stellar profile, you’ll get women whose interest you spark and they may even go out on a limb and write you. A stellar profile is not necessarily perfect looking. It is not a brochure. It’s more about does it have some nice pictures of you and enough text to capture her interest and make her really want to say something to you.

When competing with plenty of other men online, the more attention you get the better, and the easier its then going to be to take it from emails, to text message to phone, to date, to romance with an attractive woman. The more a woman likes you up front the less work you’ll have to do on email and text with her. You know they are interested, so you can take it direct to phone calls quickly, smoothly and easily. You do not want to get stuck with women who view you as a maybe, chat on text, then flake out or lose interest. To prevent that from happening, make sure to come out with an appealing profile.

Conversation inspiring pictures

Having a quirky picture or two displayed as your last images on your profile can be the kicker which entices a women to message you and do the initiating. That picture can be one of you sleeping, looking vulnerable, or doing something silly. Fishing is more of a guys sport, so try to come up with a better idea than posing with a dead fish. This will be your comment on it picture. In other words, you are putting something out there that women won’t resist leaving a comment about. Once they do that, you know they are interested and moving forward to messaging and phone calls is a breeze. You don’t even have to worry about your approach, because your profile inspires them to approach you.

Looking for long term

Women want long term period. Unless they are married and looking for like minded unhappily married folks to cheat around with, it pays to be looking for long term. Women want to weed out men who are just playing the field so long term relationship potential is always the category objective to check box if given the choice. It’s commendable to be honest if all you want is to hang out or have intimate encounters however it will automatically narrow down your available options. If you would be open to a long term relationship or marriage with the right woman, be sure to indicate it.

Give enough information about yourself

If you give a reasonable amount of information about yourself it gives women food for thought to chew on when they look at your profile. Make sure to write just enough so that if a women likes your pictures she’ll have an easy excuse to write to you about something that you said. For example, if you write that you are attracted to the nurturing type of women such as nurse, volunteer, etc then you’ll get the nurses writing you. Leave enough openings that plenty of women will see a magical fit between them and you, so much so that they will to tempted to write you instead of vice versa. If you don’t have women writing you, then your profile needs work.

Avoid the corny gifts and gimmicks

Keep your profile pretty simple. Some dating sites allow you to decorate with background images and logos. It’s cute for women however for men it’s better to save the gimmicks and keep the profile simple. The gimmicks just make you look like you are trying too hard. Another sign of trying too hard is filling out the optional chemistry predictor surveys. If you are on a dating site e-harmony that requires you to fill out a personality text to join then fine. But if its an optional quiestionaire or feature I would not bother as again, it can make you look like you are trying way too hard. Focus on creating a good profile itself instead. You want to look like you are a cool guy who just jumped on the online dating to give it a shot. You put only enough information to capture female comment, but not look like you’re trying to impress with the extra decorations.

Speaking of decorations you may want to allow ignore those gifts that can be sent like roses and teddy bear images. Overall they are rather inane and again it makes it look like you trying to hard to gather free tokens and send hokey gifts to women. It smacks of too much desperation. Just be yourself instead. Have a few good pictures including one or two that inspire comment. Have a relatively short profile that seems organic and spontaneous yet gives enough loops and openings that women will want to comment on things you say, and write to you thinking your interested match theirs nicely. If a women sees something on your profile that inspires her to think you’d be a good fit and she has an easy thing to comment on based on what you’ve said, she’ll write you a message.

Know what you are looking for

If you are rebounding or recently single, separated or divorced, you might be looking to just date around and have some fun. It can be unfair to go after a woman who states clearly in her profile she wants someone that is fully single and emotionally ready for something serious. It’s deceptive at best to go after women who clearly are on a different wave length as you are. So, always know what you are looking for. The better the fit the more likely that you will get a positive response.

Women who are new on the singles scene are the ones who show very revealing photos in sexy poses. You’ll see them in everything from Halloween costumes to skimpy suggestive outfits shot in their bedrooms and bathroom mirrors. Subconsciously, they might be looking for some fun and some validation. If having fun is where you are at mentally then these type of women would be a good match. You pretty much want to align yourself with women who are in the same mental frame of mind as you are. Anyone can contact you that wants to, but it’s good to at least play fair and not totally misrepresent your intentions. If you are out to play around would you really want to waste the time of a woman in her upper thirties who would still like a chance to have children?

If you are frustrated with the dating process make sure to check the dating forums on your dating site. Many of the free dating sites have discussion forums where members chat. You could find a like minded member on the forum and then contact them with an email. If you are newly separated your intentions might match up with a woman who is in a similar situation. And, if you are looking for a serious relationship look for more conservative women, not the ones drunk in their party dress. The more of a match you appear to be with someone you email, the easier its going to be to get a response and her phone number.

Don’t be an ageist stuck up

We all know that men want a younger woman. If you are single, attractive and gainfully employed you can no doubt attract someone younger. In terms of desired age ranges however, try to be humble. A separated male who is 45 and looking for a woman 21-35 is just bound to sound like a superficial stuck up looking for something unrealistic. Be more humble and make the age range at the least go up to your age. For a man 45 who only wants someone younger, put seeking a woman 30-45 so at least you sound normal. When you aren’t even willing to date up to your own age you look like a real jerk. The only excuse for capping off the age would be if you want children. Then obviously you aren’t going to date a woman past child bearing years and you have a legitimate reason to cap the age.

Go from profile, to messaging, to phone number, text and phone calls effortlessly

To summarize the tips, you want to stream line your profile to get attractive women interested, messaging you, exchanging phone numbers with you, and dating you with as few hiccups along the way as possible. To do this, make sure to post good pictures including at least one that evokes her comments. Write enough text in your profile to encourage a woman who may be a good fit to write you and tell you so. Don’t send corny gifts or look like you are desperate and trying too hard with professional head shots. No zebra backgrounds or studio portraits of yourself are needed. Once you start talking to a women, exchange only a few emails then ask for her number. Don’t get sidetracked into too much chit chat. From there, text her once or twice then go direct and call her up. If you are up for a long term relationship be sure to check that option on the looking for section of the profile in order to attract more women.

Contact women that seem to be a realistic fit with you to maximize your success. These are the women who will return your messages showing mutual interest. If you aren’t getting any emails from attractive women who write you out of the blue, then your profile needs work. Lastly, don’t spend a lot of time on email and text messaging once you get her phone number as it just gives her more opportunity to talk herself out of meeting you. Women like phone calls so if you want to get her, call her. Try to think in terms of abundance. If a woman is not attracted to you and unresponsive, there are plenty of other women out there who will be. Don’t dwell on one or two hopefuls. Drop her and move on if she isn‘t interested.


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