Is he dating other women? Telltale signs you’re one of may

Are you wondering if he is dating other people behind your back and just not telling you about it?  Here are the tell-tale signs that you are just one of many!

You met him on an online dating site

He may really seem to like you.  But if he has been dangling you along for months you can assume that he is also seeing other wome.  The guilty conscience you would normally have when dating multiple people has been thrown out the window with the advent of mainstream Internet dating. 

In fact, if you met him on a dating web site and he has a dating profile you must assume that yes indeed he is dating other women.  You don’t need him to tell you.  If he’s on there, he’s doing it.  If he hasn’t brought up getting off of there, then he’s on there, and dating others.  Let’s say this again: If he is on a dating web site with an active profile he is dating other women.

Men who are active on dating sites are usually texting several other women not just you. You’ll see this when you are together with him because he will be protective of his phone.  A man who is seeing others can put his phone away faster than lightening.  He’ll take his cell phone to the bathroom with him before leaving it out on the counter.  He won’t answer it when he is with you and will put it on silent.

He says maybe to plans

If you ask him to do something or the two of you make plans in advance, even just a few days in advance, and he doesn’t know what he is doing and has to give you a maybe, then he is dating other people guaranteed.  A man who maybe’s you and cannot seem to find his own tail when it comes to commiting to the simplest of plans, is seeing others.

If he has other things going on, he knows what he is doing OK.  He is a man that runs his life just fine and trust me he knows when he is coming and going.  He knows what plans he has with his buddies and when the game starts.  He knows where he is going, what he is doing, and where he needs to be in life OK. 

If he says he has a work obligation or something legitimate, thats one thing.  But if you get vacuous answers like maybe from him, you are one of many.  By the way if you press him on his maybe’s or start to call him on the mats for maybe-ing you, you will likely get some weak excuse from him that he likes to do things spontaneously and not plan ahead.  That my dear, is utter bullshizzle.  When it comes to booking his tickets to Vegas for the yearly game, he knows how to plan and you better be sure he planned ahead to make sure he’d get there.

Plans are flaky with a man who is dating others.  You won’t always be able to reach him and there will be Friday and Saturday nights where he doesn’t text back and never mentions to you what he is up to.  He has his own three ring circus going and you are just one of the acts in it.  He won’t commit to plans because at any give time a better plan involving someone else may materialize.  A man who is seeing other women will always go MIA for a while and then resurface later.

So he meets some gorgeous new girl on the Internet that week and suddenly she says yes to meeting him for drinks?  Voila he is no longer able to have plans with you.  Everything is a maybe because he is constantly scanning opportunities and wants to make the most out of his precious weekends off.  You’ll make tentative plans with a guy like this, but he will send you texts back saying He’ll text you back or Maybe, or not sure.  He may even go so far as to stand you up and he won’t seem to care about your time.  If he ruins your evening or disappoints you he won’t feel bad.  Why?  Because he is not sure if a better opportunity is going to pan out.

Irregular sex

Irregular sex means that he doesn’t seem to mind going weeks on end without seeing you when you are involved in an intimate relationship with him.  Come on.  Guys have certain needs and rest assured if things are going great and you are seeing him but he can easily go for days and weeks not getting together with you, you are one of many.

Some men feel guilty when they are physically involved with more than one woman but they will keep this arrangemet going for as long as possible nonetheless.  It’s an ego boost and excitement for them quite honestly.  Meanwhile, it’s up to you to figure out what’s up.  If he can get intimate and then disappear for a while rest assured something is up.  He has a continuous flow of intimate affection but you are just one link in the chain.  Guys don’t disappear for a couple of weeks unless theres another woman tucked in behind the scenes.

A sex life with him that is sporadic at best is a clear tell-tale sign that you are one of many.  He needs regular intimate attention and if he is easy come easy go and not really needing you for spans of time in that department, he is getting his needs met elsewhere.  If his texts are centered around getting sex and not spending time with you, it is another sign that he is spending time with other women.  A man always has time to spend with a woman.  If he doesn’t have free time to spend with you rest assured he is spending his free time with someone else.

He hasn’t shared much and doesn’t ask questions

When you are seeing a man that is seeing others, it will be incredible just how few questions he asks about your life.  The fact is that he is so busy keeping his own stinky hamster wheel going that he hasn’t got time to pay attention to you or what is going on in your life.

When you are one of many you will feel this underlyig tug that this guy is not mentally there for you.  It can be little stupid things like he asks you where your Christmas Tree is since Oopsie he forgot that you were Jewish.  It seems ridiculous, but these sorts of things will just slip his mind. 

A man who has something going with several women will keep things light with a don’t ask no tell policy indefiitely.  If you have a great time when you see him but its a now you see him now you don’t thing, there are others.  A man will not want to truly bond with a woman if he is seeing others.  He won’t want to get sucked in, he won’t want her to get too into his personal business, and he won’t share much with her to keep it that way. 

If you haven’t met his friends or gotten into his inner circle, he is seeing other women.  A man who is dating around won’t share much about himself with you.  Months into the relation you’ll still feel like you are suspended in the early dating phase where he isen’t really opening his life.  If he hasn’t shared much, you are one of many. 

A man that wants to string you along will often relegate your relationship to text message only.  If he is not calling you he is sending a rude and clear message that you are only worth a text message.  He will be flaky on plans, sporatic with the love life he has with you, and will share little about himself with you.  If you start to push for more, a guy like this will communicate mainly by text message, call less, become unavailable and start acting like a cad in general.  He wants to downgrade your expectations of him, so he can of course get away with murder.

If you’ve got a guy that is still online, says maybe to plans without committing, is irregular when it comes to your love life, and doesn’t share much about himself with you months into the relation, you may want to opt out of seeing him. Unless of course, you are OK with being one of many girls he is seeing in which case, he is unlikely to ever make a bigger effort for you.  He’s already learned it doesn’t take much and that he can treat you poorly.


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