Is he really interested in you? Here are the signs to look for

Are you wondering just how interested in you he really is? One of the obvious signs that he is interested will be that he texts you, asks you out, and wants to talk to you and spend time with you frequently. But there are also more subtle clues that you can look for that can help you determine how interested he is.

Determining his actual interest level is important because it lets you know what to expect and gives you an idea of how much to invest in him. In the world of constant texting, his interest level can be hard to unravel. You don’t quite know whether you are just a casual interest to him, or somebody he would actually get involved in a deeper relationship with. If you want to determine interest level, here are secret clues you can look for.

Does he look at you adoringly? He is really interested

If a man is definitely interested in you, rest assured he will look at you with infatuation. His gaze will be obvious. You will catch him looking at you with admiration and you will see him smiling and really locking eyes with you. His face is going to light up when he is around you. It’s the same as imagining yourself on a hot date with a man that is really amazing. You’d be so happy to spend time around him and you’d be looking at him happily. It works the same way for men.

Is his stomach like a slushy machine? He is really interested

Men get butterflies with women they are really interested in. Their stomach will feel like a slushy machine and he will actually be nervous. As confident that you assume men are, he will get quite nervous with a girl he is really interested in. He might have clammy hands, find himself stammering with what to say, or otherwise acting nervous. If you were on a date with a man you really wanted to make a good impression on, you would be nervous, right? It works the same way for men.

Is his body language positive? He is really interested

Body language really does reveal people’s emotions. Simple actions like leaning towards you or leaning away can indicate interest levels. If he is interested his body language will show keen interest. He will want to be close to you and he will want to take in all that you say. He wants to be near you. Does he lean in towards you, hug you, sit close to you and look right at you? Even his feet pointing towards you can reveal his interest. If you have a beloved pet that is keen on playing with you, wouldn’t you have all of his devoted attention on you? It works the same way for men.

Is he getting closer to you emotionally? He is really interested

A man who is really interested in you will seek out opportunities to talk to you. When you run into him he will want to talk and if you are around him he will want to sit next to you. He will want to talk to you about everything and anything. This is a big difference between men that just want a booty call and keep discussions superficial. In a casual relationship it’s all about sleeping with you. Not much else about you matters to him. If its casual he will not care about the other details of your life. He won’t solicit information or try to learn about you.

A man who is interested in you is going to be having all sorts of discussions with you, not just those that revolve around intimacy. He is going to remember things that you have discussed before. If you’ve told him you have three children, he won’t forget that you have three children. He will want to know about you and will remember things like where you lived before, grew up or went to school. He will remember when your birthday is.

If he asks you for plans soon after your last plans, he is interested

Hopefully the aforementioned clues will help you realize if this guy really likes you or considers you as a casual girlfriend with whom he has no interest of commitment. If there is any doubt in your mind still as to his interest levels, this last clue should set everything clear. The clue is how soon after he has last seen you, does he contact you to make plans again? His contact after seeing you is the number one indicator of interest level.

If he really likes you, he can’t wait to see you again and be assured that you will hear from him shortly and he will be one step ahead making another plan with you soon. If you see him one day and he texts you or contacts you the next day you can rest assured that his interest level in you is extremely high. Now you can certainly get a better idea of what his interest level really is. With that information, you can lay out your strategy well to take advantage of the situation. If he is extremely interested, you can stop dating others and focus your attention on developing a great relation with him.

If he is mildly interested, you might want to step back and stop doing all the work and investing more and more into him. No matter how much you like him, with a low-interest level on his end of things you will get nowhere except maybe to heartbreak. Always be on your best behavior with him no matter what, and put as much into the relationship that he is but no more than that. Mild interest level means that you should probably be dating other people too.  Do what you have to do.

The longer you stay in a dead-end relationship, the older you get and the more that life passes you by. If a man is not interested you are better off opting out and being alone. The reason is that being alone helps you get over him completely and then you are open and available when the next train comes along. Be realistic about his interest level and don’t assign more interest to him just because you are full of  wishful thinking or fantasy. Look only at the facts, and how he acts, to get your answers about his interest level.


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