Is texting your girlfriend too much bad?

Texting your girlfriend Too much is too much of a good thing

Doing anything too much can be a bad thing, texting included. When it comes to texting your girlfriend too much you do need to be careful. When in doubt text less. Without playing games you do not want to appear too needy to your girlfriend. If you are texting her multiple times every single day it is likely too much. One thing you don’t want to do is become a constant noise pattern on her cell phone.

Personally I’ve had my share of boyfriends, and have always had men interested in me. The odd thing is that the ones that texted me all the time demonstrating their interest, seemed less interesting and desirable to me somehow! The ones that rarely texted me, on the other hand, were the ones where I went crazy over their text messages. Those were the ones where I literally saved those messages and read them over and over and over.

What I’ve learned from that is that the less you text a woman, the more valuable and relished each text is when you to text her. You want your girlfriend to value getting messages from you and not just take them for granted. You don’t want her viewing your text as a given noise on her phone. The way not to become text noise is to not make any text noise. That means, don’t text her that much at all. When you do, she’ll go crazy and pounce all over your messages with delight.

Create that ongoing spark with her by never giving up your own center, as in your life and interests you had before her

Early on, scarcity creates attraction. A person is attrracted to you and you are a mystery to them and they want to know more. So generally speaking, I would text your girlfriend far less that you really want to. Space and scarcity creates attraction with women. Keep her wanting to know more about you. You don’t want to spill out your whole life story and details about your past girlfriends etc on text message. Don’t offer up too much information or wear your heart too much on your sleeve when getting to know somewone.

It also depends on where you are with her on the relationship time line. If she is really, really into you, then all of your texts will be welcomes. Just be forewarned if you are giving her the full court press to get her to bed with you and then you back off later you may create a stalker. Men who come on strong, text constantly etc, then vanish into thin are the ones that make women go really nutsoid. Consistency and self confidence is key. You don’t want to come on too strong, and you don’t want to ignore her completely. Try to give her a little less than what she really wants and that will keep her intrigued.

As you get into a real relationship with her I would say don’t play head games. Once it’s clear that you like her and she likes you then just be yourself. Even as yourself though, I would not text your girlfriend every single solitary day. I also would not text her more than a few times a day if that. Think of yourself as a really good movie she is watching while eating popcorn. She wants to be kept on the edge of her seat and not know exactly where that movie is taking her. She doesn’t want to know ahead of time when something is going to happen or how it ends, she just wants to love the twists and turns and get absorbed.

You’re like the movie and you want to keep her guessing and keep her at the edge of her seat. She wants to have a little bit of what she wants combined with dash of stress fear in her as to where and what you are up to. Just a little. Because that worry and fear of loss is what builds up the chemistry for her. It’s like she likes you, but she’s not quite sure you are wrapped around her little finger. You’re never quite at her beck and call. She can’t fully expect text messages from you every day or on some clockwork and you keep her guessing and wondering just a little bit. The whole attraction with a little snip of uncertainty makes her want you.

You’ll see some younger established couples that have been together for years and years. They text and skype constantly and are glued at the hip. Sometimes, even though the relationship is great a fierce element of spark can go missing between them because they fit like such old shoes. The guy can be the perfect guy, attentive and sweet as sin, but if there is no tension going she may not have a magnetic sexual attraction for him. For magnetic attraction, you have to be your own man and keep her guessing a little bit. You can be the 100% predictable boyfriend thats such a nice, decent loyal guy or you can be the boyfriend that on top of that, sparks a deep passion in her – the man of her dreams. It’s not about playing games it’s about having your own two feet set firmly into the ground. You are never completely revolving around her. Trust me that is what will attract her like crazy.

Test your willpower out

To keep your girlfriend on her toes and give her a little bit of hide and seek to spark her attraction, try this. Challenge yourself. Each time you want to text her, wait a little while. Wait hours or maybe a day or two. Then send a text when you can’t hold out any longer. Test out your willpower. The same willpower it takes you not to talk to her constantly will create attraction on her end. She’ll start to think about you and wonder when she’ll hear from you. It’s a push pull. Get close to her, then pull back just a little bit. If you wonder why players get all the women it is for two reasons. First, they are usually good looking and have some edge going with their looks. Second, they always have lots of women and are prolific daters. They keep themselves busy and they have other options. Therefore any woman can never really get her claws into this player and it makes her more attracted to him. He’s always out of her grasp. Then when he is around her, he treats her really nice for a period of time. Then, gone. It drives her inexplicably crazy.

You can think of it as game playing but it is not game playing in a malicious sense. I mean, you want to create that spark in her so that she has a good amount of passion with you right? The push, pull dynamic creates that little bit of tension that makes her stomach into a slushy machine. You put yourself in a low grade level of constant makeup sex with her by keeping tension igniting throughout your interactions. If you aren’t a real player with lots of girls in your black book, never fear. You can accomplish the same chemistry just be being your own man and having your own life. That means keeping busy with your own job, friends, and social network. You don’t need other women, you just need a life that exists separate from hers. And you need some willpower. That way, she will want and desire to always get closer until she can be brought into your inner circle of friends and family. So try out your willpower and always text her less than you are inclined to. How long can you go without texting her?


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  1. Dave says:

    Great article.

    this really works. Tried it. had my gf all over me after a day of no txt. i used to txt once a day, “how was your day?” and then realised, that maybe if i dont txt her. she will see more attractive than i already am. and yes it worked….However..try not to take too long when replying. she first thought i was giving the silent treatment a few times haha

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