Is there a solution to addictive texting?

One way to stop texting is to chop off your texting thumbs amd fingers, though most people wouldn’t go to that exterme. Another way is to smash your phone to the ground so that it breaks. Hopefully your parents won’t scold you and you won’t buy aother one to text with.

Another way to stop texting is to simply turn off the text plan on your phone. Some of the companies will just block of your texting plan completely. That way, your smart phone won’t have text capacity anymore.

Often times your obsessive texting has to do with a break up, love interest, toxic argument with a best friend, or fighing over assets and children throughout a contentious or unwanted breakup or divorce.

Psycologists will recommend that the way to quit texting is to get yourself to just slow down. It’s sort of like quitting gradually similar to cutting back on cigarettes. Make little rules like you won’t text after a nighttime curfew, or duing meals, or at work.

Tell your close friends about it so they can encourage you not to text that guy or girl with whom you are obsessed. Peer support to quit is only going to get you so far however. You’ll probably chew your best friends ear off on circular thoughts of should I or shouldn’t I text him, why didn’t he text back etc. These little text disputes can often arise from stress in relationships.

Being the author of this site I will be the first to say that I made massive texting faux pas and lived to regret them. Always think before you send a text and don’t just dump out everthing on your mind. Hopefully you will love yourself and your partner enough to get control of your behavior avoid over texting with them.

As for quitting read the whole section tab on quit texting which will outline over a dozen red flags, reasons, and techniques for cutting bck on tests if not stopping the compulsive texting completely. Keep in mind that a text relationship is not a real relationship. If all you do is text without seeing the person, it may as well be construed as talking to a stranger on an internet chat site.


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