Is your relationship on the rocks? Don’t text them first thing!

Are you texting your boyfriend or girlfriend so much about the issues in your relationship that the texting itself is starting to wreck the relationship?  Welcome to the addicted texters!

Believe it or not, texting your relationship into the ground is entirely possible.  It is exactly at the time when your relationship is on the skids that you start to text more.  You could be texting because you are sad, mad, or upset.  Do you know what though?  Your boyfriend or girlfriend is likely caring less and less and probably not at all about your feelings.  They don’t care whether you are sad, mad, or upset.  They just want you to stop texting them.  They just want you to leave them alone.

Don’t text your upset boyfriend/girlfriend first thing in the morning

When you are upset about your significant other you have a tendency to dwell over the person and your issues with them.  You’re thinking about them all day long.  You stew.  That inspires you to text them all day long.  You wake up, and you want to start texting them because you have fresh content in your mind you want to divulge to them.

This is a very simple tip: people need a chance to wake up.  They don’t want to hear your complaining and your slot machine beep beep beep and ding ding ding and feel like oh no another text from them already shut off that ring-tone.  They especially don’t want to hear it first thing in the morning.  Let a person wake up before you start texting them.

If you text someone who is annoyed with you already first thing in their day, they are only going to get more annoyed.  Maybe they were fine in the morning until they had to be bothered by your texts.  They might be thinking, don’t talk to me in the morning.  Had you called they likely would have screened that call and not picked up.  But your texts are coming through whether they respond to them or not.  In their head they are thinking, Don’t talk to me in the morning.

Don’t let a text from you be the very first thing that happens to them that day (it’s annoying)

If you have to wake up texting your girlfriend or boyfriend they are going to start pondering whether you are one of those psycho weirdos who are too obsessed.  They are going to start thinking, this person is too crazy and just can’t give it a rest so I need to maybe cut them off and get away from them.  They are blowing it with me and so now I’ll start to consider blocking their number for good.  They need to stop.

If you continue to send texts in a series, you may have your boyfriend or girlfriend so annoyed they are pounding counters and throwing the phone.  They think, she (or he) is upsetting me and the whole rest of my day!  Why can’t she (or he) let something happen in the day first before they text me?  I just woke up.  I don’t want to here that chatter-boxing.  Shut up.

When people wake up in the morning they have too much to worry about already.  THeir whole day lies ahead.  They don’t want to hear your texts at the sound of the morning bell.  Don’t ask them how they are because they have no idea.  They just woke up.  The caffeine hasn’t even entered the bloodstream yet.

This is just a simple tip.  If your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend is on the skids and you start to text them incessantly it may lead to the ultimate demise of your union.  Let something happen in a persons day before you press the send button and shoot a text off to them.  It’s just a suggestion.  Text later in the day.  By then, maybe you’ll be doing something else too and realize you don’t even have anything to say.  Don’t text just for the text of it, and definitely don’t text for the text of it first thing in the morning.


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