Just dumped? Ssssh! saying nothing by text is saying something

Ssssh. Saying nothing by text is sometimes more effective than saying something. Especially, if you just got dumped by text message and are a bonafide text message addict

Has your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse with whom you are presently separated (or is having an affair on you as we speak) dumped you by text? Sometimes the old rule Silence is Golden works wonders. If you have been unceremoniously dumped by text does that really deserve a response?

I have been dumped by text and then being a text addict I just couldn’t take it like an adult. I just had to send ten plus messages objecting to the dumping. Whether its objecting to the dumping, accepting the dumping or getting on your hands and thumbs, when emotions run high you probably should not be texting at all. I guarantee that things will be said while your fingers are flying for hours, that you will regret later.

If you are seriously upset by a text message (the most upsetting are usually romantic relationships being shut down) then give yourself some time. Give yourself some time to digest the information and plan a response. The person dumping you may not really want to be. If you flame them back, it’s going to cement their decision that you are not the one. If you wait and plan a response, you are more likely to retain your pride and even get your boyfriend/girlfriend to change their mind after a cooling off period.

If you feel like your texts are going to go ballistic, try to just stop texting until you have a chance to calm down and think. The theory is very similar to email etiquette. You know how you always sort of do a mental check before you send an email. Somehow, you know that emails are traceable and more like a letter. Don’t be fooled. Texts have an electronic signature too, the number of them are right on the recipients cell phone bills.

All the recipient has to do to record the text messages content is forward the message from you, to their own email address. Essentially, they are turning your texts into an email to themselves and boom, your texts are basically an email. So, before you respond to a dumping with threats, outrage or indignation, just don’t. Wait. Sometimes, a text dumping does not deserve a long winded response. Saying nothing, is really like saying something. You aren’t stepping into the text mud with them. Ssssh. Don’t text.


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