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Do you want to fall in love, date smart and use text to put the romance into your relationship? Then you should definitely read all of the articles on dating, texting and relationships on addiction texting. For a quick peek at all of the dating and text message topics be sure to view the complete site map listing where find hundreds of articles right here in love, dating, and how to text free tips.

Having written hundreds of articles on love, dating and how to text message the right way in relationships, not to mention reading thousands, there are three main considerations that one should remember when texting and dating.

Don’t use texting as a primary means of communicating

Texting should not be the primary way you should communicate with a person you are dating or a boyfriend or girlfriend. People get too dependent on text message and over use it. Don’t plan dates, arrange to get together, argue, or discuss major relationship issues on text message. It’s wonderful to use the phone and is a better interaction. If you rely on text too much you’ll find yourself not talking as much on the telephone. By enabling everything to happen on text message you are giving your partner the right of way to never have to call you!  In a real relationship people talk with one another, not just text one another.  Don’t teach your partner that they don’t even have to pick up the phone and call. Use texting as a cool add on to your communications but don’t let it become the only way you communicate.

Only text them as much as they text you

People get turned off by excessive texting. Early in a relationship you text quite a bit as you may be in that wonderful flurry of hitting it off with someone new. After some time however, you’ll settle down into a more normal pattern of communication. If you over text someone, or don’t adapt your text happens to theirs, your text messages can become bothersome and intrusive to the recipient. To avoid turning someone off by appearing needy or needing to text constantly, tailor your text frequency to theirs. That way, there is always a two way conversation going and not just you texting and texting. To keep your romance alive don’t text too frequently. Always leave them wanting more.

Don’t badger people on text no matter how tempting it is to text

If someone tells you they are busy or asks you not to text so much, you should respect that request and knock it off. You might think texting is cute or a way to vent grievances however they might find such texts intrusive, disrespectful, and even hostile. Seriously, if they ask you to stop texting, you should stop. If you can’t stop texting and are an addict then you should start trying to implement the 48 hour no texting rule. That means that you train yourself to be able to go two days without texting them. This is tremendously helpful when you need to stop texting.

Don’t foster limited relationships by allowing bad behavior

If your partner constantly steer your text conversations to flirtation and doesn’t communicate with you about much else, you may be in a casual relationship not a committed one.  If you are perceptive about texting you can learn quite a bit about what your partners intentions are.  If your partner continually ignores your text it can signify a slackening of their interest in you. Texting them and becoming pushy will not make them more interested. For advice on how to text successfully in a relationship and advice on how to get someone to stop texting you, you have to stay on this site as there is tons of free blog articles right here! I hope you visit all of the articles on love, dating, and how to text tips.


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