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If you just came to this site you might be searching for answers as to how to make him addicted to you or make her crave you with romantic text messages.  Or maybe you are wondering why you only text each other these days where you used to talk on the telephone all the time.   Maybe you are concerned or discouraged because he or she never returns your text messages as much as they used to. 

The bad news is that message patterns tend to follow along with however the relationship is doing.  If things are going well, you’re going to text message equal amounts and both you and the other person are responsive.  When that natural balance of back and forth text message gets lopsided to one person being the primary text me, you may have a problem brewing.  The easiest way to avoid problems with text message is by keeping your tempo of texting similar to theirs.  Follow their queue.  If you think your texts might be turning to nagging you may be right. 

Think of text message as a back and forth ping pong game or conversation between two people.  If both people are texting back and forth (holding the volley) and initiating text message in alternation (trading serves), it’s a go.  When one person however becomes the primary person text messaging the other (with no return) then it just means throwing serves to another player who has left the game.  Don’t continue serving text messages or you will become the nag to be avoided at all costs.  Instead, stop playing, go away, and see if the other party picks up the game later.  Keeping the pace of texts equal is quite helpful in respecting the other person’s desire to converse.  Since we have our cell phones glued at our side, intrusive and unwanted text messages are just that – intrusive!

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