Make her obsess over you

This article will give you a few tips about what women hate and what they can’t resist.  I would warn that some of these psychological principles can be construed as game playing.  Therefore, when getting a woman obsessed you should be careful.  You might get more than you bargained for if you are not into being in a long term relationship with her.  It can also be hurtful to get a women obsessed then break up with her and leave her heart broken.

Women value what they have to work hard for

If a man just falls into a woman’s lap and becomes everything she wants, she may feel like it’s just too easy.  Just like with men, women do like a challenge.  If there were two men that a woman liked equally and one was less available for plans whereas the other was always available, the women would probably value plans with the unavailable man more.

Have high standards of what you expect

As a man you don’t want to just fall into line with a women and require little on her part to keep you around.  It helps if you make the woman work a little harder to keep you.  Essentially you have to have high expectations of what you want and not be willing to settle.  From this, she will work harder to capture your attention and keep you with her.

Give her a challenge

Always give her a challenge and question her.  A simple example would be making a comment that you want a woman that can cook a nice meal if need be.  This challenges her to prove to you that she can cook a good meal.

You can also disqualify her on certain things.  For example, you can say she is not adventurous enough for you.  No doubt, you’ll see her ready to try new adventurous activities.  The idea is to push her always to learn and be willing to try and do new things to keep your attention.  It doesn’t matter whether its getting her to take cooking classes, or massage or be more active, or social.  If you give her a challenge she is likely to take it on.  Challenge her to wear high heels when you go out and see how she responds.

If you make a woman work to attract you, have high standards for yourself and are willing to walk if a woman doesn’t cut it, and you challenge her to stretch her abilities, you’ll reign supreme.  Don’t be afraid to get involved in some of the activities yourself either.  You can push her to better herself and be an active participant in this. 

If you do these things you’ll find a woman will try to please you and it will bond her to you.  Having options with other women will also give her some suspense which is closely linked to attraction.  Most people love challenges.  Don’t be afraid to have many dating options as women will know that they can be replaced easily and will strive to keep their spot with you.  Be careful what you wish for because if you truly become an alpha male your techniques might make her obsessed to the point of being a stalker!


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