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The majority of women just don’t know how to get and keep their men interested in them. If you don’t feel like you know the real secrets about what attracts men you may have landed on this article.

Some women just know how to attract men and it comes naturally to them. These are the type of women that instinctively know how to get men interested and attached to them emotionally. These are the women who always get guys and are the envy of other women left wondering how does she do it.

You’ve always heard about how men want to seek out sex and feel good. Women, on the other hand want to get emotional attention. There is a difference in what men seek verses women. Women need to play with men on their playing field to create intense gut level attaction, which is the key. She needs to get the man attracted and drawn to her on a gut level. Thus understanding the way romance works for a man then is very important. Instead of looking down on men for their primal physical motivation, a women needs to know how to use that to their advantage in order to get their man more emotionally attached.

Unlocking your mans passion won’t happen by sending naughty, nasty, or sexually explicit messages. In fact, using good text etiquette skills will make him more wild about you than anything else. Here are three key tips on how to make him crazy about you while staying true to good text etiquette.

Make him feel good

Think of men as loving recess on the play field when younger. When you text your man, you don’t want to bog him down with the stresses and details of life. Quite the opposite, you want to uplift him and have him look forward to your messages. A text message from you should be a nice little fun surprise note that is short and sweet. That single text message should be a little miniscule recess in his day.

Men love to be complimented and they love to feel good about themselves. If you write negative texts to a man criticizing him, he will think that he can’t please you. You don’t want to be a puppy dog yourself, however treat him like one. Giving him some affection and rewarding compliments on text every now. It will make him feel good.

If you make your man feel good, he is going to want to be around you. He will want to pursue your company because of an emotional connection. It is very simple, make him feel good and he will be more likely to want to pursue you and spend more time with you. Keep text light weight and positive.

Whatever you do, don’t use texting to vent, rant, criticise or cut him down. Keep texts positive and G-rated. Avoid trash talk, swearing, cursing, long winded rants and tantrums. Keep it upbeat, and keep it positive. Don’t be singing his praises all of the time either. You don’t want to make yourself obviously available to him as though you are sitting by the phone wishing him to call. Don’t fawn over him and send him gooey texts all day long. Your compliments should be relatively rare and thus treasured by him. If you give a short and sweet compliment, disappear off the map for a while after it and go do your own thing. Make him want to come back for more. The less often you hand out a compliment on text, the more meaning one has when you actually do send one out.

Don’t address relationship problems or issues on text message. It is considered bad text etiquette to do so. Text message is not the venue for resolving issues that are important. It is more for the occasional treat and thats it. If you have an issue, don’t text. It sounds counter-intuitive but just when you want to haul off and text him about some wrong doings is exactly when you should disappear of the map and stop texting him completely. Not texting is sending him a message just as much as texting sends a message.

Be playful and spontaneous

Men love playful games and imagination adventures that take them away from the stresses and worries in life. You want your texts to be playful and fun so that he wants to have fun banter. Think of it like a good candy bar. You only need one to get that fix in, and anything more than that will just be a sugar over load of too many messages. Every once in a while, you just want to eat one and enjoy it.

Every text message you send him should be a good juicy savory treat for him that he will thouroughly enjoy. Texts can be G-rated and still be incredibly sexy. You don’t have to spell out any raunchy details to him. Something sweet like “I was thinking about the fun time we had last Friday” is all you need to pique his imagination and desire.

Censor your texts to proper etiquette by asking yourself this question: If we lost the cell phone we use would we freak out about someone reading the text messages on it? If the answer is yes to that, then you need to tone your texts down and follow proper text etiquette. Don’t ever send a text that you would be mortified for someone to see.

As they say sometimes less is more. A woman in sleazy clothes isen’t going to be as attractive as a glamourous woman with just a subtle hint of sex appeal. So when you text it is the same concept. You want to be classy with just a teensy hint of nice flirtation. Don’t ever let it all hang out on text message. He’ll be more attracted if you keep your clothes on and wait until he actually makes an effort to see you to have more intimacy.

Text less, so each text means more to him

This is the key to igniting or re-igniting your romance with him using text message. Texting too much is a mistake that I and many of my friends too have made over and over. The fact is, that you have to rarely use text in order for it to actually work to make him more addicted to you.

This means, you can’t text him every day. Never text him every single day. It is all too predictable to him. Honestly the more you text him messages, the less each message means to him.

How ever much you want to text, text that much less. Put him on a text diet so that he is getting almost no text messages from you. Then, when he finally gets one, its like a nice chewy treat. You want to text him so little that he actually saves the texts you send to his inbox and reads them over and over before deleting them.

Think about it. If you send this person 50 text messages in a weeks time what good is that? He is getting so many texts that you no longer make him savor it. By texting him less and less, you’ll pique his curiosity. He’ll feel unsure of himself and waiting for more messages from you in anticipation.

Remember, put him on a text diet so that every time you text him it will be a savory treat and he’ll love it, and save that text on his phone. Be playful and full of adventure when you text. Don’t bring up the mundane, don’t fight and don’t criticize him. Yes there is a little bit of mind games played here, but in a good way. Men love a little bit of a chase. If he has to go through a maze to get to your cheese then he will savor your communications that much more.

If you try this technique of keeping your text message to an absolute minimum number and use the suggestions here you will be texting a romantic love interest with good etiquette. The infrequent texts (he never quite knows when one is coming) coupled with them being playful and fun when he does recieve them, will make him crave more from you. Don’t forget to keep flirty texts classy and respectable to where you wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone else saw them. Common sense censorship will help you to always be classy, while at the same time leave something to his imagination.

Try these techniques and suggestions out and you will be surprised that he may start to text you just as much if not more than you text him. Thats right were you want him. Interested and responsive to you. The less you text him, the more special each text that you send him will be.


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