Make him addicted to you with the right Text Messages

Are you wondering how to make him addicted to you? Here are a few tips for how to text him the right way so as to make him more interested and addicted to you over time.

First of all, use text sparingly. Consider your text message as a little reward and when he or she is behaving in a way that is desirable to you then send them a nice text. Don’t over text them. If you are sending this person texts every day you should stop. Mix up your texts so that they are not constantly expected but rather viewed as a tasty little delicious surprise to him. If you text him too much then he won’t relish the text.

Avoid arguing on text message. If you have a problem or issue to discuss you should avoid having a long winded text exchange to work it out. Save it for the phone or in person. If you have to let someone know that your feelings are hurt then of course you are free to do so. However just keep it short and simple and try to address problems and issues in person where they will go over better. Keep negativity out of your texting if you can.

Text sporadically. Never train him to expect consistent texts and contact from you. It’s better to be a little spontaneous and sporadic. Go missing in action for a few days and then reappear on his radar. You don’t want to play games however you do want to demonstrate you have a life and that your life is not about texting him all day long.

Don’t shoot the breeze on text message. He’ll become more used to talking to you on text and get immune to it. You want your texts to be a shot of adrenaline to him in a pleasant way. If you are constantly talking about mundane day to day happenings then he will bore easily and your texts will begin to become noise and he will merely tune them out.

Don’t say things you would not normally say in real life, on text message. Especially early in dating, do not allow yourself to get caught up in flirting and talking inappropriate topics. You don’t want to be viewed as some fantasy tool of his ok. Flirty texts once in a while can go over really well, just don’t over do the naughty on text thing.

Early in a relationship do not discuss topics on text with him that have not happened in your relationship. In other words, don’t talk about intimate things on text if you are not even at a point where you have been intimate in person. In other words, don’t let the text cart get in front of the horse.

Try to keep texts upbeat, positive, and infrequent and he will be addicted to you in no time. If you are in doubt then try and match his text patterns. Mirroring or just adjusting your text frequency to his will help keep your relationship to ping pong back and forth as it should. You don’t want to be the only one serving text messages that aren’t returned. If you can’t go a few days without texting him then you are probably in too much text contact and should consider backing off. Give text a rest because trust me that sending him one text can be far more effective than sending one hundred texts.


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