Make him addicted with a little dose neglect

Women often thing that catering to the man they are dating will make him want more out of the relationship.  It won’t.  If you are loving, caring, cook for him, and pay for everything, he will simply take advantage of your hospitality.  Sure if you want him to move in with you, it has to be an appealing deal.  If you cook, clean, and feed him obviously he will like this in a woman. 

What I am talking about however, is keeping him in the chase and always in that mode of trying to capture you.  That creates attraction.  If you only do the nice stuff, eventually he will start walking all over you like you are a doormat. The strategy to adapt is to treat him like a king if he is worth. But when he walks all over you, give him a great big dose of neglect. The idea is that he has to work for his spot with you and it is not just handed to him on a silver platter, or for free. Men value what they have to work for.

Be willing to put him on ice for bad behavior

The best way to keep a guy around is to give him that good treatment when he is on good behavior, but don’t be scared to get on his case a bit if he starts to take advantage.  Men actually like and respect women who are rather demanding, unreliable, and who are more than willing to put them on ice.  Make sure to give him a little hot and cold, and if he is acting like a jerk or lying to you, hit him out of the park. Call him onto the mats.  This is how you can keep him in line.  If he always feels that little edge that you could get rid of him, it will keep him coming back for more.

It’s counter-intuitive but he has to think he is not good enough not vice-verse

When a man sizes you up as being not good enough for him, there is nothing you can do or say to make him commit.  You could love him, cook for him, never nag, and never ask him to do anything for you.  But he still will ultimately treat you like dirt and just take advantage of your hospitality while the getting was good.  So in essence, he can’t be convinced to be with you just by some red carpet treatment of him.  If he thinks he can do better, there is nothing you can do to keep him around long-term.

If you want to up your game a little bit on him, you really need to turn the tables and have some high standards for yourself.  The higher your own self-respect, the more he will have to work at pleasing you.  Therefore, upping your own self-respect reverses things and makes him wonder if he is in fact good enough for you!  This is why men love bitches because they actually have to do some work to please her and it’s not just like she is a sitting duck or lap doggie for him.  Instead of him picturing you sitting home texting him, he should be picturing you out with some friends and living a full like without him.  The best way to get him addicted is to actually feel like you are good enough for him, by far.

Be willing to drop him

Make sure to let him know that you have a life that you are leading, and the last thing you give a darn about is sitting around pining over him or stalking his whereabouts.  Instead, offer him some good doses of neglect.  Let him do whatever, and do not care or contact him.  Then when he comes back around, be a little cold and aloof.  Essentially, make it a challenge for him to keep your interest.  The biggest way to make him addicted is to get it into his head that he is not good enough for you, as opposed to the other way around.

Men like an exciting sports game because they have no clue what is going to happen.  This is the reason to neglect him every once in a while or take it to the mats with him when he treats you poorly.  You don’t have to beg, yell, scream, break things, or stalk him.  The best thing to do when you need a little weapon of payback, is to give him a dose of neglect.  Pretty soon a light will go off in his head and he will be wondering why you are not obsessing about him.  Then he will come knocking, curious to see what is up, and curious to know if he can worm back into your good graces.

Make it clear that if he violates your boundaries one too many times that you will be kicking him to the curb and you will not be crying at home over him either.  If he knows you will come cowering back or text him if he doesn’t get in touch with you, he will force you to initiate and chase him.  As soon as you do, he has lost interest because you are not a challenge.  He will start to take you for granted, and look for new challenges elsewhere.

The impression he should be getting is, wow I have so much fun and enjoy spending time around her, but if I mess up with this girl she is definitely going to blow me off.  Make a man work every day for the affection you give him.  When he treats you poorly, become unavailable.  Say you will call him later than blow him off for three days.  Tell him you will get together and then go out with friends if he doesn’t follow-up.  Give him backhanded compliments if you need to and make it clear that you do in fact see his flaws and aren’t bamboozled by his bull.  This will help you get the guy and keep him coming around.

How men like to be treated

It is counter intuitive to treat him like his is disposable but that is why men love girls who are bitches.  They are demanding women with self-confidence.  They aren’t sweet and understanding when he knows perfectly well he is acting like a lying jerk.  If you are too sweet and understanding all of the time he is going to get bored with you really fast because you will not be a challenge anymore.  Men love challenge and they love unpredictability.  When you stand up for yourself and refuse to take crap from him, you represent a more challenging partner. 

While you might think that being there for him whenever he needs you will make him rely on him, it won’t.  The only thing it will do is facilitate his using you.  Instead of dressing in lingerie after he comes home from drinking with his friends, make sure you are long gone.  Secretly, men love women who are like this.  Give him a bit of neglect because it’s an indirect rejection.  It makes him insecure and then gives him a challenge to prove himself to you over and over again. 

Treat him right when he is on good behavior, but give him some serious neglect and make yourself unavailable if he steps on your toes.  Secretly, men love women who won’t put up with their shenanigans.  It’s like cat-nip.  If he pulls a fast one on you, become a challenge and don’t let him back into your private space too quickly.  A woman who knows how to make a man work for it, is like pure cat-nip to men.  They keep coming around to such women, without ever really knowing why.

Treat him like he is lucky to have you, not vice-verse


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