Make her crave You Valentine’s Day SMS Text for her

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
you’re my Valentine
I hope I’m yours too!

Are you wondering what to text her on Valentine’s Day?  A simple Happy Valentine’s Day! text will do just fine, but if you are really into it then you can get more original than that. The best advice is to keep it on the light side, an impromptu short poem in a text should work great.

If your love interest lives near you then there is no reason that you should have to text her an elaborate Valentine’s Day SMS.  You should be having plans so a Happy Valentine’s at some point during the day is all you need since you’ll be presumably seeing her.

Some couples for one reason or another can’t be together on Valentine’s Day.  If you aren’t sending flowers or a gift to her and this is your girlfriend then you might be in the wrong by just sending a only a text.  Girls like to get some sort of acknowledgement from their man on this day.

The only excuse for not getting her something is that she is someone you just started dating and it does not warrant a text message, in that case, just a nice text will do.  If it’s a girl you just started dating how about something silly like Be my Valentine. You aren’t her boyfriend as yet and aren’t obligated to act like one.  It does help though to at least say Happy Valentine’s Day.  A girl you are dating will appreciate a small gesture on this day. To girls, it’s like Mothers day and you’re supposed to say something nice because they expect it!

When it comes to girls something naughty on Valentine’s Day may not be appreciated so much by them.  It is not good etiquette to send something sexual.  This is a day to act nice like a gentleman and put her on a pedestal.  If you want to send more than the basic Happy Valentine’s day, consider something with a little cute humor like a poem.  If you are a nerd then a ridiculous app where you’re a talking dog or a campy e-card like should endear her.

Whatever you do, just don’t propose on text message. Keep it basic or come up with something nice that rhymes, perhaps has a few inside jokes and brings a smile to your girlfriends face. Another idea is to send her a funny electronic music playing card or a silly picture that she’ll find endearing.

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever
If Your asking if I’ll Leave U the answer is Never
If Your asking what I value the Answer is U
if Your asking if I love U the answer is I do.

Definitely send your girl a Valentine’s text and bring a smile to her face.  When in doubt keep it simple! If you want to do something more elaborate, consider an endearing picture or a poem that rhymes and incorporates some inside jokes or a memory between the two of you. Don’t get too corny and sappy on text as it comes off ridiculous. Keep it campy and light. If she is your girlfriend you should probably get her a small gift like a stuffed animal or flowers, jewelry if you are deeply committed.  If you must do something oriented around intimacy (you are a guy) then get her a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. Now that, she’ll appreciate.

Happy Valentine’s day!
I got you a gift card to VS will give it to you when we see one another …

Lastly, If you want to let a girl know that you aren’t serious about her, then ignore her on Valentine’s Day. Trust me she’ll get the message loud and clear when you blow her off. Girls are very sensitive about Valentine’s Day. No matter how much they pretend not to care, they do 100%.


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    • admin says:

      I like the direct route. Just ask! Then, listen carefully to her answer. She’ll be caught off gaurd and you’re likely to get the most data from this approach. Women do like the alpha male cave man thing. You could just insert it right into the conversation. Do you have a boyfriend? See what she says. A sideways way to find out is to insert it in an obtuse way such as what does your boyfriend think of that? Then they might say, oh I don’t have one or we’re broken up or whatever. But I think the best way is brute force, just ask her…

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