Make him (or her) addicted to you #1 attraction strategy

Do you want to make him (or her) addicted to you so that they can’t get enough?  You might like this quote about what men want.  It is so simple and so true a concept for creating attraction. 

Do you want to create attraction?

Consider this: Men want to be loved well, not loved a lot

Loving well, but not a lot, is a great strategy to apply to a man or woman you wish to attract, and it is especially applicable to text message.  Loving someone does not mean text messaging them constantly to keep in touch to appease your own insecurities.  That is not love.  That is selfish. It is the biggest turnoff to people.   If you follow the love well but not alot suggestion carefully then you will not text your romantic interest nearly as much.  It’s almost gaurenteed if you back off you’ll create more attraction not less. Because you’ll realize that what will really draw them to you is not chasing and text message.  What will attract them to you is a gut feeling that they want to talk to you and spend time with you.  To foster that emotional attraction that you need to make them addicted to you, be sure to love them well when they come around and leave them alone otherwise.

Biggest mistake, trying to control them with text message

One of the biggest mistakes women and men make with the text messages is that they try to text and text in order to plug themselves into the mind of their partner.  At first that would seem generous because if you like someone obviously you want to keep in touch with them all the time.  But in a certain sense it is actually selfish.  You can’t inject yourself into someones mind set by bothering them.  And you may not even be trying to do anything nice for them at all.  It may be all about you.  All about you and your need to grapple on to them to feel secure for yourself.

Put yourself in their shoes to understand what is a total turn off

The biggest way to understand how constant text message does not equal love is to put yourself in the shoes of your romantic interest.  Let’s say you meet someone and do like them but are not completely sure how deep your interest level in them really is.  And let’s say they liked you more.  So, they started to aggressively pursue you by texting all the time.  They say good morning, they say hello, they ask you what you are doing, they pester you for plans, fish for compliemnts, they invest time texting meaningless anecdotes, and send you stupid comments that don’t even require a response.  What that turn you on?  Heck no! 

However much you initially liked them you would likely like them less the more they bothered you.  Would their texting make you more attracted to them? No, it would not.  By putting yourself into your beloved’s shoes you would understand that constant texting is a total turn off.

Love well, not a lot

Now let’s say that your romantic interest is text messaging you infrequently.  Let’s say they have a life and are busy with their priorities and their friends and their business.  If they surfaced with a text message infrequently would that come as more of a pleasant surprise. Would that be more exciting than getting text message from them 3 or 4 times a day?  Certainly would.  A little bit of unavailability peeks interest.  But more than that, it demonstrates a basic respect for their space.  They aren’t invading your space, so don’t invade theirs.

If you want to create attraction in a partner you need to love well, not a lot.  That means no smothering with text message or otherwise.  Do your own thing.  If they come around and want to spend time with them try to make it as enjoyable as possible.  If they contact you, then make it pleasant for them to do so.  Essentially you should make an attempt to make yourself inviting.  There are so many choices of partners out there that if you don’t pleasantly draw a person in so that they want to spend time with you, they will go elsewhere.

Creating attraction does not mean being a pushover or being a doormat for someone.  If you have a partner that only seems to want to be with you on occasion then prioritize them accordingly.  If you have a man that is dating others and only coming around to see you every few weeks you should certainly be dating others.  Don’t rely on or chase after someone that is treating you like an option.  Likewise, if you have a girlfriend who treats you like a friend while she meanwhile chases after the bad boy, she should be prioritized accordingly.   The main strategy should be to center yourself.   If you are happy and doing your own thing, romantic partners will be drawn to that.  Chasing down a relationship won’t work.  Remember to love them well, but not a lot.

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