Making up with your friend or lover via text

If you want to re-establish contact with your friend or lover via text message there are many ways to go about it. Makeups via text are tricky. Usually, if you are making up by text message this is a person who does not wish to talk to you and would probably screen your call if you just called them (otherwise, you wouldn’t be texting, right?).

A few pointers in so far as text makeups are that you ensure a reasonable amount of time has passed since your fight, since the relationships ended, or since your last contact with this friend. You definitely don’t want to harass or pester the person by leaving dozens of messages in their inbox.

A bff or lover who broke off contact with you does not want to receive over ten messages in their inbox at any given time I guarantee it. The only time when that many messages are acceptable would be when they are responding happily to each one. When you are trying to accomplish communication or make a point on text it can easily require many messages. Therefore consider what you are saying and make it concise not verbose. If it is requiring more that one or a few messages, don’t go into that level of detail. You don’t want this person to even contemplate that you are a texting freak or psyco stalking girlfriend (or boyfriend).

Be careful of text makeups. Keep it short, sweet and simple if you want to accomplish your goal of making up. Give this person a chance to think about what you have written and respond. Don’t get bent out of shape if they take a while to write back or ignore your text. At least you tried. Always be careful of what you say and don’t text in excess as it will have a truly detrimental effect on your goal. Good Luck!


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