Men that cheat

Are you suspicious that you have a cheating boyfriend, partner or spouse?  Trust your intuition!  Women usually know that something is wrong with a cheating partner well before they actually catch the cheater.

Trust your intuition

It’s a gut feeling or a general feeling of unease.  There may be unexplained phone usage, text messages especially.  He may not be making time for you and evading closeness.  He may be too nice out of guilt.  He may be providing stupid excuses like being perpetually busy and you’re even trying to make up excuses for him.  Usually once the boyfriend behaves in a way that just doesn’t add up, it leads to you investigating him more and more.

Investigating your boyfriend sometimes comes down to slipping in some access to his cell phone, snooping him on face-book, or going through a phone bill and calling suspicious numbers.  Often at the end of that 10 digit number, is the other woman that you didn’t know about but had a hunch might exist.

If you choose to invade your boyfriends privacy and catch him cheating it can cause an eventual breakdown of the relationship.  Once you don’t trust him there is doubt.  You’ll naturally want to keep him on a tighter and tighter leash or choke chain.  Eventually, he might resent the monitoring and suspicion even though he probably acted in a manner that created this emotion and doubt in you.

Given that so many men and women as well, will cheat or step out while in a relationship, its good to know how men think.  Men are more hardwired biologically to want to cheat.  And, their animalistic and quite frankly opportunistic wiring makes them ripe for cheating opportunity.  Sometimes its their personality profile too.  Certain guys are the loyal type, and others are like four year olds running around controlled by something other than their heads.

How men think when it comes to cheating

Men are way more likely than women to cheat with a partner that is less attractive than the one they are with.  Women can be alarmed to find out their man cheated with an unlikely woman not even as attractive as they are.  This is always a shock because women tend to cheat up physically.  Going from suspecting him to uncovering a woman in the flesh and blood is often a real shock, especially if you get the pleasure of seeing her in person.  Cyber reality is one shock, physical reality of the women is yet another.

Women like to cheat with better looking people, men don’t care so much

If women are cheating it tends to be with a partner that is better looking than their spouse or boyfriend.  Women like to cheat up looks-wise.  Men operate differently.  They have no problem cheating down.  Yes they need to be attracted to the woman and have some chemistry to take an affair anywhere.  But once a woman passes that test of basic attractiveness, she’s fair game. 

The reason is that men are more opportunistic when it comes to cheating.  They will cheat for variety, excitement, because they can, for the thrill of it, for her sweet personality, because he’s gotten close from working together, or because she pays attention to him and pumps his ego.

Men are more likely to do one night stands

Men are way, way more likely than women are to do one-night stands.  They might meet someone dating, or at a club, or at some party or event.  If the opportunity presents itself, they will have sex and in fact 75% of men will take on a one-night stand even if they are in a relationship.

Women are way more into emotional bonding and having an affair of the heart and mind not just the physical.  Men are different. They can get into gaming mode and just do a one-night stand.  In fact, they will even wreck a fledgling relationship by going all the way too early in the dating process if the woman lets him.  A one-night stand is exciting for a man and he can do it rather easily remaining emotionally detached from the whole ordeal.  It happens, the nights over, they go on about their business.

Men don’t alway intend to leave their partner

Some men start cheating because they are getting ignored or because their relationship is unraveling and their needs are not getting met.  Some cheat when an opportunity presents itself.  But even when they cheat, they don’t always cheat and have an express intention of leaving their partner.   Arnold sure didn’t leave his wife when he cheated right under her nose.

When a woman cheats she is probably really into the man she is cheating with and she will be way, way more likely to leave her relationship as a result of her cheating out.  Men don’t work that way.

Many men don’t have any intention of leaving their partner they just are into cheating because they got into it.  They try to keep it going for selfish indulgent reasons and for their own satisfaction.  Had they not got caught, most men would carry on with cheating without having any intention of leaving their girlfriend or wife.  They will do it for as long as they can, or until they get caught.  If you catch him cheating on you he may not have intended for the relationship with you to end.  He just got caught.

Men are more likely to be repeat cheaters

Men are way more likely to be repeat cheaters as well.  This is way more so than women.  They are cheating as more of a sport than anything else.  Women are not like this.  A woman will cheat because she falls in love or into infatuation with someone.  She wants to be close to someone.  A man is more likely to cheat as a game or as sport.

Men often have an ideal type for a Mistress.  They might have a respectable wife with a certain demure look, and then want a more sexy woman to cheat with.  Tiger Woods is a perfect example of a repeat cheater.  For one thing, the women he cheated with were alarmingly similar.  Most were sexy brunettes that were nothing like his wife.  If a man is able to learn that he can get away with cheating, he is more likely to repeatedly cheat on his partner.  He will explore the duplicity and thrill of deceit and continue to explore it until he finally gets caught. 

Most men express regret once caught but the regret is in getting caught more than anything else.  They don’t put their girlfriend or spouses emotional well being first.  Cheating and infidelity are selfish. 

Cell phone spying

The number one way that cheaters get caught is through the cell phone trail.  Texts or emails on a smart phone get read by the suspicious partner.  A suspicious partner may even go through cell phone bills with a fine tooth comb to figure out who their boyfriend has been in contact with.  You almost always hear of cheaters getting caught by text messages that get intercepted and read to discover the affair.

If you suspect cheating

Confronting a spouse after snooping on a cell phone is a dicey endeavor at best.  The spouse will almost always deny, deny, deny the cheating even if the evidence is staring them in the face.  If you suspect your partner is cheating and do a sleuth job on his cell phone bill take care.  Confronting him and flipping out over his possible cheating can cost you the relationship.  What happens afterwards is just as important as the cheating itself.  Men can often get over the affair and want their partner to get over it too.  If the relationship ends it can be because of the affair, or because of the woman never really being able to forgive it.  Men underestimate the emotional damage.  A woman that wants to stay with him may not ultimately be able to because she can’t get past what happened.

If you plan on snooping your spouse and getting down to the bottom of suspicious behavior or begin to look for evidence, you should first read plenty of information from the Internet or reliable books about how to handle the situation.  Decide if you want to save a relationship or not because how cheating gets brought out and dealt with could determine whether you break up or work things out with him.

Men cheat for different reasons than women and they also have a different take on cheating.  Men are more willing to cheat down in the looks department, are more likely to do one night stands, are more likely to repeat the cheating, and don’t always cheat because they plan to or want to leave you.

Men often get caught cheating by snooping of cell phones, text messages, emails and social media web sites.  How you confront a cheater plays a big role in whether your relationship is salvageable or not.  Some women can’t deal with a cheater at all and will break up, others have too much invested in the relationship and stay to try and work it out. 

Try to figure out what you want to happen with your relationship before getting the guns out and snooping then confronting him.  If you suspect something, talk to him and get nothing but defensive denials and decide to go further into snooping, be prepared for a bumpy ride.  Once you are put into the position of having to police him it becomes a tiring relentless job.

If you trust your intuition, it will tell you what is going on.  Most women know deep down that something is amiss.  Something doesn’t feel right.  If you have suspicions but find yourself rationalizing them away and giving him excuses for his behavior that even he never dreamed of, there may be a problem.  A conflicting feeling that he’s up to something, combined with him making you feel like you are the crazy one, is a strong sign of something stinky going on too.  Most boyfriends would rather try to have you believe you’re a hyper-suspicious lunatic before they would admit openly to their own cheating.

Before you go further and start investigating what your intuition tells you, read up on cheating and infidelity.  Search the web for topics like the signs of a cheater, how to catch a cheating spouse, cheating husband, cheating spouse survey, cheating and infidelity, lying and deception, confronting a partner, cell phone snooping, and psychology of cheaters.  Think twice before you snoop the text messages because if you are driven to snoop there is a high likelihood you will find something horrible is in fact going on.

Men that cheat


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