Men who are cheating

Some men are just the type to be unfaithful, while others are not.  You would think it easy to spot a boyfriend that is prone to infidelity but it isen’t so easy to detect.  A study at Rutgers University showed that over 50 percent of men that cheat in their marriages or relationships are actually satisfied with their marriage or relationship! 

So then why do men cheat? Did you catch him communicating with another woman by snooping his cell phone text messages?  Why is he cheating on you and how can you stop it from happening?  Here are a few reasons a man may cheat and what you can do about it.


You boyfriend may still be in love with you but when complacency sets in all you are talking about is bills, jobs, kids, responsibilities.  The romance can wane and men really feel that.  They might still be in love with you but if you stop giving them the love, romance and sex that you used to, they will believe they aren’t getting what they want from you.  You’ve changed the ground rules on them and they may seek those things outside of the relationship even if they still love you.  To avoid this, keep the spark going with him and pay attention to your romantic love life with him.


Men have a higher tendency to cheat with women that they already know, as opposed to women they randomly meet.  Surprisingly they might cheat with your friends or their co workers with whom they already have a friendship bond.  To avoid having him cheat, pay close attention to his work relationships that are getting too tight.  If he is sharing stories and grievances with a female co-worker take note.  Don’t just lead a separate life to the point where you boyfriend is getting intimately bonded with other women he is around.


Some men would rather cheat to fill in a percieved short fall in their relationship than leave the relationship.  They might even think they are saving the relationship.  If they fill in the hole with another girlfriend or mistress then they don’t have to leave you and break your heart or break your family up.  It’s a lazy cop out because they aren’t dealing with the real issues with you.  Instead, they cheat and cripple along piecing the two lives together into what they find as acceptable.  They’re thinking, as long as I can fool around a little I will still get excitement but won’t have to go so far as to leave my girlfriend or wife.


The idea of excitement and variety will really get a mans sex drive going and this can fuel the cheating.   If you want to avoid or stop him from cheating then keep a close watch on his sex life with you.  At the outset of an affair he might get really excited and want more sex even with you.  If an affair is really solid then he will over time be less sexually interested since all his needs are satisfied elsewhere.  A sudden change in your love life with him is a sign that something is wrong.


Once a man is in the throes of an affair he is going to be loving it and it will be hard to drag him from it unless and until he decides for himself that grass is not greener on the other side.  So the best thing is prevention.  Try to be the same woman he fell in love with in the first place. 

Men don’t like it when their loving girlfriend starts to act like a nagging wife.  Compliment him and talk positively towards him rather than being a nagging rag.  Men are not attracted to complaining masculine women so you should try to stay true to being the same woman he fell in love with and treating him accordingly.

In the end, cheaters do feel guilty.  Once they are able to put their ego aside, they do realize that they are betraying their girlfriend or spouse.  They do feel guilty about their indiscretions. 

It’s also important to note that women are just as likely to cheat as men.  Female cheaters can be even more dangerous because they are more apt to cheat and get emotionally bonded than men.  Men are more likely to cheat for the excitement of sexual relations.


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