Mobile phone manners backlash

Text messaging is one of the most simple and useful means of mobile communication. The popularity of texting and short messaging servce (SMS) has increased yearly. Tens of billions of texts are sent each year across the world. There is no slowdown in sight.

Everyone loves to text but in the excitement of the moment, texting can completely clash with common courtesey. The best way to remain courteous on text is to picture yourself having a live conversation with someone.

Avoid being rude by applying common courtesey to your texting behavior. Just like you would act in public, don’t be rude to the person you are texting. Don’t send overly upset text messages. Let the other person respond to a text, and take part in the conversation. Use a nice tone of voice and keep text slang to a minimum. Don’t text while driving or in the company of others who would consider it impolite. Be away of others peoples responsibilities too. Not everyone is available for texting when you are.

To control your text manners, it is always good to wait a few minutes before you press the send button. Ask yourself, is this text rude? Would this person consider this as a cut-down, impolite, critical, or obnoxious? If the answer is yes then edit the text before you send. Think before you send, that way you won’t have to apologize for inappropriate texts that wind up coming across unintentially rude. Apply the same manners you utilize in public to your text conduct and then you’ll be fine.


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