More and more womens internet dating profiles have don’t text me disclaimers

In the old days it used to be that singles would say they were texting addicts and if you weren’t into texting don’t even bother. Now, the exact opposite is the case. Women like to text because they like to be chatty kathy’s. But women are on to the fact that men who like to text are bad news. The internet dating sites are so rife with daters seeking casual encounters that texting has become a red flag for that type of chat, hang out and hookup (rather than go on a date) mentality. A woman figures, if he does not want to pick up the phone and have a real conversation with me at the outset, he probably never will. And, she’s probably right on the money in jumping to that conclusion.

More and more, women are on to the fact that texting and dating do not go together like birds of a feather. Women are starting to qualify their internet dating profiles with statements that she prefers phone calls, dates, desires relationship minded men only, and chivilry. Texts can be fun however if you are going from an internet dating environment to text message it has a rather anonymous feeling to it. It used to be that you would see statements at the end of peoples profiles explicitly saying that they don’t want their pictures used for other purposes. Now, the disclaimer has become that they don’t want their body used for purposes other than a real relationship. It makes perfect sense and these types of warnings attempting to weed out the players are become more and more common. They usually appear as a footnote to the profile itself. The only bummer is that it probably won’t weed out the players at all. If a player sees your pictures and finds you attractive I don’t think such a disclaimer would deter him from contacting you. It’s sort of like putting a car alarm or club on your vehicle. If might deter the robber but if he really wants to steal your car he will still try to.

If you are a player or looking to just casually date around then pass me by. I am not looking for a casual hookup so I definitely will not be your girl and you will be wasting your time and mine. I also prefer a phone call over text message. If your idea of talking is text message then keep on going

I saw this hilarious blurb from a females internet dating profile on a popular free dating web site dalled plenty of fish. I thought it was funny. I don’t think that it will bring men onto her doorstep. If you sent her a text message, she’d probably go completely ballistic.

Bitter and Bitingly Funny

I am not going to write a bunch of information about myself because men don’t want to spend ten minutes reading about my recent trip to Timbuktu or that I make an excellent quiche. You’re going to look at my pics, decide if I am “do-able” and then decide if you’re going to write me a note or not. Then you’ll decide over coffee if I am REALLY do-able, and if I am worth spending another REAL date with, and I will decide if you are a douche or not. If you can pass yourself off as not too douchey, we will go on a real date. If the real date works out, we will see what happens from there. During the REAL date we will get enough information on each other to see if we are at all interested in pursuing anything further, engage in meaningless banter, but let’s get serious. This is POF, which is a free site, and that means it is generally full of the dregs of society, and the chance of meeting someone of quality is slim; However, most people who are on the pay sites are also on here, so why bother with the pay sites at all? It’s a dilemma. So here are my pics. Let the game begin. Hope for the best, expect the worst, maybe a surprise will come up along the way. I’m awesome. Are you?

Women have gone back to the stone (pre-text) ages. They prefer phone calls these days

If you don’t want to become just the texting guy, give her a call soon after successfully and getting her number from a dating site. You want to either be living a busy life or at least give that impression. If you have all day to text her then you aren’t very busy. Touching base with text is fine but rather than texting back and forth all day just give her a call every now and then.

Call and talk. Arrange to meet ASAP. If you call her to set up a date it will take just minutes and you won’t have to text her all day and look like you have nothing better to do


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